ASCRC Minutes 9/23/08

Members Present: J. Bergman, T. Brockman, I. Crummy, J. Dempersmier, S. Gauthier, S. Lodmell, J. Luckowski, D. MacDonald, M. Nielsen, E. Uchimoto, K. Unger R. Vanita, G. Weix, K. Zoellner

Members Absent/Excused: H. Thompson,

Ex-Officio Present: M. Hoell, D. Micus, A. Walker-Andrews

Guest:  Associate Dean Tompkins

Chair Weix called the meeting to order at 2:15 p.m.

The minutes from 9/16/08 were approved.


  • Student member Brockman was welcomed. Student member Thieme resigned from the committee due to a conflict with a class.
  • The October 7th meeting will be in Anderson Hall, room 401.
  • Information regarding the transferability initiative is on the Board of Regents agenda. The link was provided for members wishing to review the information.
  • The English Department has agreed to require an AP score of 4 to test out of the composition requirement.

Business Items:

  • Registrar Micus distributed a copy of an email from Bill Macgregor, OCHE Director of Transferability. The Montana University System registrars met in Helena last week to discuss the technical aspects of common course numbering implementation. At the meeting a moratorium on the initial 12 disciplines was suggested. However the follow-up email communication suggests the process be flexible to enable the campuses to continue ongoing internal curriculum changes. Proposed discipline prefixes were included in the communication for eleven disciplines. Several are in line to be completed in January.

    It was noted that some of the areas identified as disciplines such as Anatomy and Physiology currently use a departmental prefix. One issue that has yet to be considered is how the common course numbering will effect cross listing. Registrar Micus will update the committee as decisions are made.
  • The General Education Committee met to discuss issues with the forms for the symbolic systems review. Last year's ASCRC Chair attended the meeting to provide background on the negotiated requirement which was a compromise to accommodate extended majors that cannot fit 10 credits of a foreign language in their curriculum. There is confusion regarding how the new requirement will be implemented. Since symbolic systems courses are an exception to the foreign language requirement and not available to all students it is unclear how the requirement will be described in the catalog. The CAS Dean's Office has received forms for courses that are not required by a major. There are also memos from departments that want to retain their current symbolic systems sequence, but the courses are from other departments. Forms have been submitted for math courses numbered 131 or above to meet the requirement. And there is concern from several departments that utilize Math 117 in the current statistics sequence that the course was not submitted for review.

    The General Education Committee resolved that the review of symbolic systems courses will be an iterative process that will likely require follow-up requests for information. After the forms are in and logged, the committee will know whether all the courses meeting the current requirement were submitted.
    • Individual courses reviewed against the criteria
    • Two course sequences set up and approved
    • Evaluate whether there are gaps related to major requirements and approved sequences
    • Follow-up negotiations for submission of course review and/or revisions to major requirement language
    • Draft catalog language
  • The Repeat Fee Workgroup has been discussing the various aspects of the issue. Data was collected on peer institutions and the workgroup heard from a representative from Disability Services. Students with disabilities are in favor of retaining the practice of calculating the last grade earned in the GPA. This is especially necessary for students with learning disabilities. Chair Weix spoke with a staff member from Business Services regarding implementation of a mandatory repeat fee. Students would need to check a repeat fee box during registration that would trigger the fee and recalculation of the GPA. This would not affect the students who withdraw from courses. This could be an issue in terms of a revenue neutral solution. The proposed $27 fee included students that withdraw from courses they are repeating. The Workgroup will discuss the options and draft a proposal for consideration by ASCRC next week.
  • The School of Business is still working to find a faculty member willing to chair the subcommittee. Professor Lodmell also spoke to the Dean of Journalism regarding the possibility of a Journalism faculty member chairing the subcommittee.
  • Chair Weix spoke to the Faculty Senate Chair regarding the possibility of stipends for the chair. He is more in favor of course reduction for the curriculum committee chairs. However, this would need to be negotiated with the University Faculty Association and could take some time. She asked that members consider what would make it possible for them to serve as chair-elect.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:05 p.m.