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 Faculty Senate

The University of Montana

ASCRC Curriculum Subcommittee Members

 Educationand Fine Arts
John DeBoer, Theatre & Dance (Chair)
Sandra Williams, C & I
Scott Richter, HHP
Beth Lo, Art
Kimberly James, Music

Humanities & Cultural Studies
Llinda Gillison, MCLL_(Chair)
Elizabeth Hubble, WGS
Quan Ha, English

Business & Journalism
Tim Manual, Acct & Finance (Chair)
Ray Fanning, Journalism
Tom Stanton, Business Technology

Forestry & Biomedical Science
Anne Delany, Health Professions_(Chair)
David Freeman, Pharmacy
Lloyd Queen, Forestr Management
Amy Glaspey, CSD     

Science & Math
Nikolaus Vonessen, Mathematics (Chair)
Mike O’Conner, Comp Sci
Ulrich Kamp, Geography
Tom Gallagher, MC Computer Technology
Eijiro Uchimoto, Physics & Astronomy,

Social & Behavioral Science
Tully Thibeau, Linguistics
Paul Silverman, Psychology
Linda Eagleheart, Applied Arts & Science (Psyc) 

Graduation Appeals Committee
Colin Henderson, MC Applied Arts & Science(Chair)
Bill Borrie, Society & Conservation (Past Chair)
Tucker Squire  (Student)

Service Learning

Gayle Hudgins, Pharmacy Practice
Daisy Rooks, Social Work (co-chairs)
Andrea Vernon, Office Civic Engagement  

Faculty Senate

The University of Montana

Missoula, MT 59812