FLC Meeting Minutes 10-20-08

Members present: B. Brown, C. Exley, T. Haupt, W. Sjostrom, N. Vonessen, C. Watson, P. Williams

Ex-Officio present: 

Members absent/excused: Dean Allen, J. Burroughs, A. Klene, M. McHugh, S. Mills

The meeting was called to order at 3:10 p.m. by Chair Vonessen.

The minutes from 9/15/08 were approved.


  • It was clarified that although department representatives are no longer involved in ordering books, they are still the contact person for communications from the library liaison.
  • Dean Allen was not able to be at the meeting.
  • Chair Vonessen met with Dean Allen to discuss how the committee could be involved with accreditation review.He suggested that the dean identify specific tasks for the committee.He will draft a summary of year-end reports to be included in the accreditation report.
  • Chair Vonessen and Chair-Elect McHugh will likely attend the November Library Faculty meeting.The charge of the committee stipulates that the chair meet with the library faculty at least once during the academic year.The Chair of the Faculty Library is Professor Atkins.Chair Vonessen will contact him.
  • Professor Brown provided a correction to the Collections Development Snapshot.The counts for electronic journals were updated - duplicates were removed from the total.
  • This year the department representative meeting will be combined with the Friday Honors College Social.The purpose of the meeting is for library liaisons to mingle with departmental representatives and to interact with new faculty.The social is this Friday from 4:30 -6:00.There will be a table with handouts.Faculty members on the committee were encouraged to attend.

Business Items: 

  • The committee reviewed and approved the suggested revisions to the procedures appendix information.The revisions will be incorporated into the document for the committee to approve next month.

Good and Welfare:

Since Professor Exley was not at the last meeting he requested that committee members introduced themselves.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:04 p.m.