FLC Meeting Minutes 11-17-08

Members present: B. Brown, J. Burroughs, T. Haupt, A. Klene, M. McHugh, S. Mills, W. Sjostrom,  N. Vonessen, C. Watson, P. Williams

Ex-Officio present: Dean Allen

Members absent/excused: C. Exley

The meeting was called to order at 3:10 p.m. by Chair Vonessen

The minutes from 10/20/08 were approved.


  • Chair Vonessen will provide an update at the December Faculty Senate meeting.Also he and chair-elect McHugh will attend the Library faculty's meeting in December.
  • This semester Dean Allen attended a conference on the trends in instructional technology presented by Educause and a professional development workshop for deans by the Council for Advancement in Higher Education. The second conference focused on fund raising skills.The Library's Foundation Development Officerresigned, so the dean is the only one currently pursuing fund raising for the Library.Negotiations are taking place to find a replacement Development Officer.
  • The Foundation's annual report included a page on the Library's acquisition of the Patricia Goedicke collection.The report was passed around for members to view. This is good publicity for the library.
  • Recruitment will take place shortly for the recent resignation of the Special Collections Librarian.Current recruitments include the Undergraduate Services Librarian and the Head of the Bibliographic Management Services Division.This is the third search for the Bibliographic Management position.The Faculty Library Committee will receive information regarding candidate's presentations.If the Committee would like a separate meeting with candidates this can be arranged.

Unfinished Business 

  • The committee approved the revisions to the Appendix of the FLC Procedures and Guidelines document.


  • Dean Allen requests that the Committee assist with accreditation review specifically regarding Standard 5.B.4 "Opportunities are provided for faculty, staff, and students to participate in the planning and development of the library and information resources and services."Chair Vonessen will draft a document that provides a history of the Faculty Library Committee and outline areas and procedures where faculty are encouraged to provide the library with input.The deadline for the draft is the end of the academic year. The committee will review the draft spring semester.Chair Vonessen will inform the Senate of this issue and ask for feedback. Various documents and websites will be included as exhibits in the documentation.Dean Allen would like to know in advance of the accreditation visit whether there are consultation problems.The responsiveness of departmental representatives is minimal.Libraries typically never have enough collections.The Library has seen improvements over the past ten years.

New Business

  • Dean Allen updated the committee on the learning commons initiative.The goal is to provide a space in the library that supports the collaborative learning process and improves engagement.The space will integrate technology expertise and location.The third floor remodel will create more collaborate computer work stations. A picture of sample furniture was distributed to members for review. A comprehensive analysis of the space use has been completed and staff met with the architect to discuss the preliminary plans.The long term plan is to create better use of the entire building and manage resources better. There will be a second meeting with the architect on December 4th.It will be helpful to have student and faculty representatives attend the meeting.

    Currently there are lines for computer use. The plan is to create a separate area for computers used by students as well as a pod of computers for the general public to use.There will also be an office suite for faculty offices.Group study rooms are currently available to students and faculty.The rooms may be scheduled online. The library also has 20 lap top computers available for check out.After design plans are finalized a model work station will be displayed for students to test out.

    The remodel is a priority for fundraising.It will occur in phases with the goal to make the interior more attractive and cozy with more natural light.
  • The committee will not be meeting in December.Schedules will be collected in the spring to set up a monthly meeting time.


Good and Welfare:

  • The Social / Faculty Representative event was well attended.Seven out of 9 science department representatives were in attendance.The usual Friday crowd was also there.Provost Engstrom and Associate Provost Walker- Andrews also attended.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:00 p.m.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:00 p.m.