FLC Meeting Minutes 4-13-09

Members present: B. Brown, J. Burroughs, T. Haupt, A. Klene, M. McHugh,  S. Mills, N. Vonessen, C. Watson, P. Williams

Ex-Officio present: Dean Allen

Members absent/excused: C. Exley, W. Sjostrom

Guest: S. Samson

The meeting was called to order at 4:10 p.m. by Chair Vonessen.

The minutes from 3/9/09 were approved.


Updates from Dean Allen

  • MeganStark ,a current reference technician, has been hired as the Undergraduate Services Librarian.
  • The library held a series of workshops to celebrate the Federal Depository Centennial.There was also an article in the Kaimen.
  • The Mansfield Library is offering a Research Workshop Series to provide an opportunity for graduate students and faculty to learn about new tools and resources that can help themorganize, and keep current with their research. In addition to specific tools, there will be a session on copyright for authors.
  • The library continues to track researchers' use of the software packages EndNote and RefWorks.
  • The library is hosting Poetry for Lunch at noon this Wednesday, April 13th.It is a celebration of theOval, the undergraduate creative arts publication.Cookies will be provided.
  • The current news on next biennium's budget is not good for the library.It has typically received a 7% inflationary increase (approximately $340,000 per year).The result of not receiving the inflationary increase will be a reduction in book buying and cancelation of subscriptions.Dean Allen would like to know what role the committee will play in how to decide what to cut.The strategy for making cuts will likely be based on maintaining content.The library will look at redundant material and indexes.These issues will be discussed at the May 4 meeting of the FLC.

Unfinished Business


  • The modified procedures and guidelines document was approved (appended below).

New Business

  • The draft strategic plan was discussed.It outlines the growing online presence of the collection, interaction with students, and creating a learning and teaching environment.The strategic plan is designed to be an aspiration and is in line with the direction of other research libraries.Future decisions will be based on the plan.Several editorial changes were recommended.
  • The draft annual report was provided to committee members for comment.It will be revised to include information on the strategic plan and the budget outlook.
  • It was suggested that the committee consider a resolution on the budget issue.The resolution could support the University considering reinstating the inflationary increase if funds allow.Professor Brown will draft the document and send it to Chair Vonessen for editing.The University should have a clearer idea of the budget by April 27th(although the Board of Regents won't meet until the end of May).
  • The committee will be meeting May 4th.Chair-Elect McHugh will assume the role of chair at the end of that meeting.

Good and Welfare

Professor Mills was congratulated for receiving a Guggenheim award.  He will be doing ecology work in Bhutan and Portugal next year.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:50 p.m.


Procedures and Guidelines of the Faculty Library Committee

April 2009 November 2008


The following material is intended as a working document for the use of the Faculty Library Committee (FLC).  It is a guideline of the procedures used by the FLC and can be amended by the FLC at any time. 

I.  Overview

 The FLC is a subcommittee of the Faculty Senate. The FLC provides a mechanism for communication between the faculty, the library faculty, and the Dean of the Library.  The FLC provides feedback to the Dean of the Library on issues concerning the library that affect the faculty.  The FLC communicates regularly to the Faculty Senate on issues concerning the library.  As described in the Faculty Senate Bylaws, the FLC membership consists of eight faculty members, three student members, and one staff member.  From this membership, the committee elects a vice-chair (who will later become chair) as described below. 

During the regular academic year, the FLC meets 4:10-5pm on the second Monday in each month, except on the first Monday in December and May.  The chair of the FLC can call additional meetings as necessary.

The remainder of this document concerns the responsibilities of the chair, the vice-chair, and the committee as a whole.  An appendix with information that may be of use to the FLC is included for reference.

Add also a new entry to the appendix:

FLC Meetings

During the regular academic year, the FLC meets 4:10-5pm on the second Monday in each month, except on the first Monday in December and May.  The chair of the FLC can call additional meetings as necessary.