FLC Meeting Minutes 9-15-08

Members present: B. Brown, J. Burroughs, T. Haupt, A. Klene, M. McHugh, S. Mills, W. Sjostrom,  N. Vonessen, C. Watson, P. Williams

Ex-Officio present: Dean Allen

Members absent/excused: C. Exley

The meeting was called to order at 3:10 p.m. by Chair Vonessen

The minutes from 3/4/08 were approved.


Business Items: 

  • Professor McHugh was nominated and approved as Chair-elect.
  • The Faculty Senate bylaws charge committees with keeping their operational documents up-to-date.Therefore the committee was provided with the procedures and guidelines document for review.Members are encouraged to send comments to Chair Vonessen.He reviewed the document and noted that the appendix information needs to be updated.Professor Brown will draft revisions.
  • Professor Brown provided the committee with an overview of the Library's Acquisitions Budget (see handout). The library was been fortunate to receive yearly inflationary increases. The library has transitioned from a net borrower to a net lender with the increased availability of electronic resources.Core Approval Plan profiles are revised in the spring. The plan with the supplemental fund is meeting faculty needs. Faculty will now have access to web alerts that provide links to information on resources that were not captured in the core approval plan.This will be an improvement to the current email list.

    Allocations for paper serials decreased from $740,000 in fiscal year 2008 to $395,000 in fiscal year 2009.Most of the serials are already covered in electronic resources.The library does not switch to electronic resources unless there is an economic advantage for doing so.It is sensitive to discipline specific needs for serials. Allocations for standing orders decreased by $5,000. Allocations remained the same for document delivery and binding.Interlibrary loan statistics show a decline in usage, so the static budget will not affect service. Allocations increased for electronic resources, monographs & media, the core approval plan and the supplemental fund.
  • Dean Allen reported on library events and updates.
    • The library is working on a new website that will be moreuserorientated and easier to navigate.A demo is available at:http://devlib.lib.umt.edu/default.php.The new site is designed to provide information about services to specific groups. The site is scheduled to be launched in January.
    • The library has one research team focusing on the needs of undergraduates and another focusing on graduate students and faculty needs.
    • The library has an architect working on learning commons plans.The learning commons will be a social learning environment for active collaborative learning in a space with library support and resources.The committee will be asked to comment on the plans when they are available, hopefully at the October meeting.This initiative is completely funded through fundraising and gifts.
    • The library is currently recruiting for a Bibliography Management Services Department Head and an Undergraduate Services Librarian.Professor Burroughs is serving as interim co-department head for Bibliographic Management Services.
    • Members were encouraged to view the Hiroshima exhibit.There will be a lecture this evening from Ms. Shigeko Sasamori, a survivor of the Hiroshima bombing, and Mr. Steven Leeper, Director of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum.There will be an opening reception at 5:00 p.m.The library purchased the exhibit equipment this year to increase its connection with the public.
    • There will be a Welcome Orientation for Graduate Students on September 25th.A sample flyer was distributed to the committee.Cayla Watson will send a reminder email communication to GSA members.
    • The library also has created aWelcome to the Mansfield Libraryflyer that includes helpful facts for new students.
    • The Study Jam tutoring sessions currently taking place in the University Center from 6:30 to 9:00 will be moving to the library next year.
    • The new issue of theMontananincludes an article about Archives and Special Collections. This magazine is sent to alumni and is good publicity for the library.
    • The library would like to reach out to parents and is considering holding an open house meet and great during family weekend.Student members were asked to provide feedback on this idea. They were not sure students would bring their parents to the library without incentives. It was recommended that the library be included in student orientation.
    • Dean Allen is on the NWCCU Accreditation Steering Committee.She is chairing Standard Five: Library and Information Resources. The self-study will attempt to demonstrate that the University does what it claims in its mission statement and that it is assessing its effectiveness and making changes based on the assessment.A copy of the requirements for standard five was provided to committee members.

      The committee can be of assistance in preparing examples of where the library is successful or not successful.Dean Allen pointed out several points where the Faculty Library Committee could provide feedback and help with the draft report.Chair Vonessen will set up a meeting with her to discuss to what extent the committee should be involved.It was suggested that the committee might conduct a survey of faculty.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:04 p.m.