November 19, 2008

Graduate Council Meeting Minutes

Graduate Council Meeting Minutes

November 12, 2008

GBB 202, 12:10-1:00 p.m.

Members Present: L. Ametsbichler, R. Baker R. Bolton, L. Frey, T. Herron, J. Hirstein,   K. Meusel N. Moisey, M. Moore G. Quintero, G. Stanley, C. VonReichert C. Watson, C. Winkler

Members Absent/Excused: M. McGuirl

Ex-officio members Present: Associate Provost Brown

Guest: Dean Kuhr & Professor Swibold - Journalism

The meeting was called to order at 12:10 p.m.

The 11/5/08 minutes were approved after discussions with guests.


  • Professor Swibold explained why Journalism is reconfiguring its graduate program. The focus on Environmental Science and Natural resources meets the needs in the industry. It is a primary area of news coverage in Montana. There is a demand for public communication of scientific issues. According to Dean Kuhr, this is an area where the School of Journalism can build on the expertise across campus and attend to the public good by reporting on the galvanizing issues and adding to the knowledge base.

    The School reviewed the last 10 years of graduate students and found that over 30% had an interest in this area. Current graduate students have expressed an interest. Journalism has one faculty member with expertise in the area and is currently searching for a Graduate Program Director.

    The initial list of nonjournalism courses were developed in collaboration with the other departments. It is hoped that the list will be flexible and is expected to expand as the program evolves. It was noted that the listing lacked social science courses that address environmental issues.

    Journalism does not have the resources to offer two tracks. Students who have an interest in pursuing a Journalism degree with a different focus will be able to pursue a Masters in Interdisciplinary Studies (MIS).
  • Associate Provost Brown requests that the Council establish two subcommittees to assist in evaluating requests for travel and project support funds received by the President and Provost's Office. He has drafted procedures to regularize the process and proposes deadlines of September 15th for travel awards and February 15th for project support. It was suggested that the procedures include documentation of how the student is progressing toward degree and a follow-up report from the student. The Council agreed to establish subcommittees next fall consisting of one from each of the curriculum committees.

Business Items:

  • Curriculum Review: Professional Schools
    The Curriculum and Instruction Items on the summary (below) were approved. This includes a level II proposal for a New Master's Degree in Special Education and a reconfiguration of the endorsement and minor.

Good and Welfare: None

The meeting was adjourned at 1:02 p.m.

Professional Schools - Curriculum & Instruction Summary

C&I 457 UG

Assessment and Instruction for Exceptional Learners

Delete course

C&I 458 UG

Effective Academic Intervention

New course

C & I 459 UG

Consulting and Resource Teacher

Delete course

C&I 463 UG

Advanced Positive Behavioral Supports

Change title from Advanced Classroom management for Exceptional Learners, change description

C&I 522

Applied Research Methods

New course

C&I 523

Advanced Methods in Early Childhood Special Education

New Course

C&I 524

Family and Diversity Issues for Exceptional Learners

New Course

C & I 526

Transition and Community Supports

New course

C&I 552

Model of Professional Development in Mathematics and Science

New course

C&I 556

Advanced Methods in Low Incidence Disabilities

New course

C&I 560

School-wide Assessment and Instruction: Response to Intervention

New course

Level II

New Master's Degree

Special Education; reconfigure endorsement and minor