November 19, 2008

Graduate Council Meeting Minutes

November 19, 2008

GBB 202, 12:10-1:00 p.m.

Members Present: L. Ametsbichler, R. Baker, R. Bolton, L. Frey, T. Herron, J. Hirstein,   M. McGuirl, K. Meusel N. Moisey, M. Moore, G. Quintero, G. Stanley, C. VonReichert C. Watson, C. Winkler

Members Absent/Excused:

Ex-officio members Present: Associate Provost Walker-Andrews

Guest: Professor Matt and Lundt (Chair)- Educational Leadership

The meeting was called to order at 12:10 p.m.

The 11/12/08 minutes were amended and approved after discussions with guests.


Professors Lundt and Matt provided additional information regarding the proposal to increase the distance delivery of the Educational Leadership PhD program. This change will allow the program to recruit students from Europe, Asia, Mideast, Africa, and Central and South America.  The courses could involve a variety of delivery depending on the technology available.  The comprehensive exam would be at a remote location and the dissertation proposal and defense would be interactive. The program would continue to service 2 or 3 cohorts of 10 to 12 students.  Each faculty member advises 2-3 PhD students.  The online courses would be an extra load.  English language skills are a requirement for admission into the program.  Students have access to the Mansfield Library's online resources and materials are uploaded to the course shell on Blackboard.  The interaction among students is required on the online discussion board.  Often the discussions are richer online than in the classroom.  

Business Items:

  • Curriculum follow-up: Social Science
    ECON 445 UG and the MS in Geography were approved.
  • Curriculum follow-up: Science
    An acceptable graduate increment was received for BIO345 UG and it is believed that the department would like to move the course to the 400 level, but a revised course number was not submitted. The Council approved the course pending the 400 course number.
  • Curriculum follow-up: Humanities
    HIST 481 UG and 482 UG were approved. The Council agreed to South Piegan People and Indian Education for All as the title for ENT 553.
  • Curriculum follow-up: Professional Schools
    The Council discussed the proposed reconfiguration of Journalism's masters program. Concerns were expressed about limiting the scope of the program and including 300 level courses. The Council voted 5 in favor, 6 against, and 2 abstained. The course changes associated with the revision were not approved. The program can make revisions and resubmit the proposal so that it can go to the Board of Regents in March.

    The level 1 proposal in Educational Leadership was approved with 7 members in favor, 3 against, and 3 abstentions.

    CSD 480 UG, MGMT 604, and several courses in Journalism not associated with the level I proposal are still pending.

Good and Welfare: None

The meeting was adjourned at 1:02 p.m.