November 5, 2008

Graduate Council Meeting Minutes

November 5, 2008

GBB 202, 12:10-1:00 p.m.

Members Present: L. Ametsbichler, R. Bolton, L. Frey, T. Herron, J. Hirstein,  M. McGuirl, K. Meusel N. Moisey, M. Moore G. Quintero, G. Stanley, C. VonReichert C. Watson, C. Winkler

Members Absent/Excused: R. Baker, Associate Provost Brown

Ex-officio members Present:

The meeting was called to order at 12:12 p.m.

The 10/30/08 minutes were amended and approved.


  • Associate Provost Brown is requesting that the Council establish a subcommittee to consider requests for graduate student travel and dissertation, thesis and creative works expenses. He was not able to attend the meeting so will provide additional information next week.

  • It was clarified that there is no Graduate School policy that limits repeatability of 595 courses. Any restrictions of the number of 595 credits that count toward a graduate degree are set by the program.


Business Items:

  • Curriculum follow-up:  Social Science
    EVST 487 UG, GEOG 433 UG and PSC 482 UG were approved.   Follow-up is pending regarding the proposed MS in Geography.  Members should take a look at the proposal so it can be voted on next week. There was concern regarding the timeline for level II proposals.  Consent items need to be reviewed by ECOS tomorrow in order to be on the Faculty Senate Agenda next week. Items approved at the December Faculty Senate meeting should make the January Board of Regents meeting for consideration by the Chief Academic Officers.  The Regents vote on level II proposals at the March meeting.

    The transition to a MS was recommended after Geography's program review.  It will better serve their students.   
  • Curriculum follow-up - Science
    An appropriate graduate increment was received for WBIO 480 and it was approved. 
  • Curriculum follow-up- Humanities
  • Curriculum review - Professional Schools
    The Council discussed the proposed restructuring of Journalism's graduate program.  There was concern about limiting the scope of the program to Natural Resources and Environmental Journalism and whether this would serve the needs of Montana students.  It seems the proposal should have additional documentation and the Council wondered whether it might be a level II proposal.  Chair Moisey will check with Associate Provost Walker-Andrews.

    The Council reviewed Journalism's current graduate program in February 2007.  The program's accreditation lapsed in May 2006.  Specific recommendations included:

1.      Develop a long-range plan that addresses the issues noted above and recognizes and adapts to trends in the field.

2.      Address the reaccreditation of the graduate program.

3.      Establish a standing Graduate Committee of faculty that reviews applications, monitors student progress, and reviews student thesis projects.

4.      Appoint a Director of the Graduate Program from the tenure-track faculty and perhaps have this as a rotating position.

5.      Reallocate teaching resources to the Graduate Program to address the issue of few graduate level courses.

6.      Develop a strong curriculum of graduate courses to support the graduate program.

The requestor, Professor Swibold will be invited to the Council next week to address the concerns. 

Good and Welfare: None

The meeting was adjourned at 1:00 p.m.