Writing Subcommittee Minutes, 2/18/09

Norming Session

Members Present: J. Carter N. Hinman, K. Kuipers, M. Medvetz, M. Semanoff, S. Smillie, K. Zoellner

Members Excused/Absent: H. Bruce

Ex-Officio Present:  K. Peterson, K. Ryan

Chair Hinman called the meeting to order at 2:15 p.m. 


Approval of minutes were postponed.



  • Late forms were submitted and assignments were disseminated:
    • NAS 202 (include in Group 3)
    • SW 310 (include in Group 2)
    • English (8 writing and 17 upper-division [+3]: see below)
  • The forms will need to be revised for the next review. There are some areas that have been confusing for instructors.

Business Items:

  • The committee discussed the examples from the review groups.
    • CHEM 334 is an exemplary form. It provides documentation of assignment progression and ties learning outcomes to assignments. It uses a combination of formal and informal writing and incorporates peer review.
    • SOC 441 is also a good sample. There is a good balance of writing instruction and content. The learning outcomes for writing are included in the syllabus. Assignments are in stages. It provides revision strategies for peer review.
    • NAS 200: The course integrates writing and informational literacy well. It was a combination of writing, includes peer review, and uses a writing text as text.
  • The workgroup chairs will send a list of courses that require additional information to Chair Hinman and she will send out the communications to instructors. Some forms were not filled out completely and a couple of the sections were misinterpreted. Occasionally the information on the syllabus does not match the information on the form.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:00 pm.

English Writing Courses - Group 3

ENEX 200

Advanced Composition

ENLT 120

Introduction to Critical Interpretation

ENLT 121

Introduction to Poetry

ENLT 201

Introduction to Literary Studies

ENLT 217

British Literature: Medieval through Early Modern

ENLT 218

Enlightenment to Romantics

ENLT 219

British Literature: Victorian to Contemporary

ENLT 225

American Literature: 1865 to Present

English Upper-Division Writing Courses - Group 1

ENLT 224

American Literature to 1865

ENLT 301

Applied Literary Criticism

ENLT 320


ENLT 321

Studies in a Major Author

ENLT 323

Studies in Literary Forms

ENLT 325

Studies in Literature and Other Disciplines: The Bible as Literature

ENLT 327

Literature by US Writers of Color

ENLT 331

Voices of the American Renaissance

ENLT 333

Modern Poetry

ENT  334

Postwar Poetry

ENLT 335

The American Novel

ENLT 336

American Women Writers

English Upper-division Writing Courses - Group 2

ENLT 337

African American Literature

ENLT 338

Montana Literature

ENLT 353


ENLT 355

British Romantic Literature

ENLT 369

Advanced Studies in the Novella and Short Fiction

ENLT 371

Literature & the Environment

ENLT 373

Topics in Postcolonial Studies

ENLT 401

Capstone Seminar in Literature