Writing Subcommittee Minutes, 2/23/09


Members Present: H. Bruce, J. Carter N. Hinman, M. Semanoff, S. Smillie, K. Zoellner

Members Excused/Absent: K. Kuipers, M. Medvetz

Ex-Officio Present:  K. Peterson, K. Ryan

Chair Hinman called the meeting to order at 2:15 p.m. 


The minutes from 2/9/09 were approved.



  • Chair Hinman sent out follow-up communications on Sunday.  She requested that workgroup chairs provide comments regarding late forms status by Friday so she can correspond to instructors over the weekend.  She requested that the email subject line to be "Writing Course Review" for sorting efficiency.
  • One problem with the writing form is that it does not request supplement material for writing assignments if the information is not included in the syllabus.
  • Another issue that will require consideration is the Business School's use of consultants in grading writing assignments.

Business Items:

  • The workgroups went over the courses that were approved and those that required clarification.  There were several courses in Group 3 that appear to have filled out the wrong form. A communication has been sent to the instructors requesting clarification on whether the following courses are intended to be writing courses or meet the upper-division writing requirement in the major:

ART 303L

Contemporary Art and Art Criticism

ECON 350

Economic Development

ECON 440

Economics of the Environment (cross-list w/ EVST 440)

GEOG 335

Water Policy

HHP 450

Analytical and Communication Techniques

HHP 301

Instructional Strategies in Secondary Physical Education

MATH 406

History of Mathematics

PHYS 330

Methods of Communicating Physics  [Was approved as writing course - requires clarification UD writing status]

The courses listed below were approved.   There was a question regarding whether upper-division writing status should be granted for a special topics course (SOC 488).  The syllabus submitted (Religion and Political Movements) met the guidelines.  However, each time the course changes the syllabus would need to be submitted for review.  Camie will check with the Registrar to see whether just one section of a course can be given a writing designation. Chair Hinman will communicate with the department and requested a email communication from the workgroup chair.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:00 pm.

Approved Writing Courses

Writing Courses


FOR 220

Technical Writing


JOUR 270


Native American Studies

NAS 200

Native American Studies Research and Writing Methods

Undergraduate Advising Center

UNC 270

Critical Writing II

Writing Studies

WTS 120L

Introduction to Critical Interpretation

Writing Studies

WTS 184A

Beginning Creative Writing: Multiple Genre

Writing Studies

WTS 186A

Beginning Creative Writing: Poetry

Writing Studies

WTS 240

Ethics and Rhetoric: Writing Arguments on Contemporary Issues


ENEX 200

Advanced Composition


HIST 300

The Historian's Craft

Upper-Division Writing Courses


ANTH 314

Principles of Forensic Anthropology


ANTH 402

Advanced Anthropological Statistics


ANTH 451

Cultural Resource Management


ANTH 455

Artifact Analysis


CHEM 334

Chemical Literature and Scientific Writing

Communication Studies

COMM 377

Rhetoric, Nature, Environmentalism

Communication Studies

COMM 455

Rhetorical Criticism and Theory

Communication Studies

COMM 480

The Rhetorical Construction of "Woman"

Communication Studies

COMM 481

The Rhetoric of U.S. Women's Activism, 1960 - present

Computer Science

CS 415

Computer Ethics and Society


DAN 494

Junior/Senior Dance Seminar

Environmental Studies


The Environmental Vision

Environmental Studies

EVST 487

Globalization, Justice and the Environment


GEOS 320

Global Water Cycle


GEOS 499

Senior Thesis

Health & Human Performance

HHP 372

Rehab of Athletic Injuries


HIST 437

The Dynamics of Diplomacy


JPNS 311

Classical Japanese Literature in English Translation


JPNS 312

Japanese Literature from Medieval to Modern Times


JPNS 431

Postwar Japanese Literature


MCLG 494

Seminar in Russian Studies


MUS 424

Music of the 20th Century to the Present


MUS 436

Topics in Music History


MUS 437

Cultural Studies in Music

Pharmacy Practice

PHAR 550

Drug Literature Evaluation


PSYC 320

Advanced Psychological Research Methods


PSYC 400

History and Systems of Psychology


SOC 438

Seminar in Crime and Deviance


SOC 441

Capstone: Inequality and Social Justice


SOC 460

Capstone in Rural & Environmental Change