ASCRC Curriculum Consent Agenda


College of Arts and Sciences


Program Modification

Medical Technology

Add / remove courses from list of requirements

Environmental Studies

EVST 282

Field Skills for Conservation Work

New Course

EVST 382

Biogeography of NW Montana

New course


Conservation & Community Research Project

New course


GEOG 315

Economic Geography of Rural Areas

Remove prerequisite

Political Science

Level I

Professional Certificate

Nonprofit Administration

PSC 401

Issues in Nonprofit Administration: Human Resources

new online course

PSC 402

Issues in Nonprofit Administration: Volunteer Management

new online course

PSC 403

Issues in Nonprofit Administration: Program Planning

new online course

PSC 404

Issues in Nonprofit Administration: Ethics and Legal Issues

new online course

PSC 405

Issues in Nonprofit Administration: Advocacy and Public Policy

new online course

College of Forestry and Conservation


FOR 407

Global Biogeochemical Cycles

New Course

FOR 489

Ethics and Management of Public Lands

Remove prerequisite



College of Health Professions and Biomedical Sciences


Social Work

SW 420

Child Abuse and Child Welfare

Change from 4 credits to 3 credits




College of Technology

Applied Arts & Science

AASC 100

(Correction to December Consent Agenda)

Foundations for College Success
Introduction to the University Experience

Change title from Introduction to the University Experience, change description, Increase credits from 2 to 3

SCN 201

Anatomy and Physiology I

Remove prerequisite

School of Education

Curriculum and Instruction

Program Modification

Teaching Major and Minor in History

Update requirements to reflect changes in History

School of Fine Arts


ART 324

Environmental Drawing Seminar

New Course

ART 407

Teaching Art K-12 for Fine Arts Majors

Service Learning Designation

One time-only general education designation

The permanent courses were approved by the General Education Committee for fall 2009.  However, courses are being offered as 195 this spring and summer.


BMED 195 (145)

Introduction to Cancer Biology

Natural Science Designation

BIOL 195 (130)

Evolution and Society

Natural Science Designation