ASCRC Curriculum Consent Agenda


Group III:  Exceptions to the Modern and Classical Language requirement -Symbolic Systems Sequence

Division of Biological Sciences

MATH 150 or MATH 152

Recreation Management

MATH 150 and MATH 241 or FOR 201 or SOC 202

Resource Conservation

Math 241 or WBIO 240 or FOR 201 or SOC 202

Combined Math / Computer Science Major

Math 152, or any course for which it is a prerequisite

Group V:  Literary and Artistic Studies


Film as Literature/ Literature as Film

Group VIII   Ethics and Human Values


Terrorism from the French Revolution to Today

Curriculum Follow-up related to General Education

College of Technology

Applied Arts & Science

*AASC 167

Nature and Society

New course

            *Course was approved for Group VI:  Historical and Cultural Studies


School of Fine Arts

Drama / Dance

**DAN 335

World Dance

Change course number from DAN 434 UG

**Course was approved for Group V: Literary and Artistic Studies and X: Indigenous and Global Perspective