Expressive Arts Review


The major thrust of the course must include:

  • 1. active involvement of the student in the creation or performance of the work(s) of art.
  • 2. teaching the techniques of the art form.
  • 3. teaching the generally recognized criteria for judging the quality of the art object or performance.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this perspective, through the creation of original works of art or artistic performances, students will be able to:

  • 1. apply the techniques and processes of the medium.
  • 2. incorporate the structures and forms of the artistic language to convey meaning. (Outcome needs to be revised or eliminated)
  • 3. reflect upon and critically assess the merits of their work and the work of others.
  • 4. perceive and articulate the relevance of artistic expression in the human experience.


Approved Expressive Arts Courses

Art 123A, 125A, 129A, 135A, 215A, 229A, 233A, 240A, 314A
Communication Studies 111A
Communications 160A
Dance 100A, 104A, 107A, 200A, 201A, 202A, 204A, 207A, 307A, 327A
Drama 103A, 106A, 107A, 111A, 112A, 200A, 216A, 316A, 327A
English 210A, 211A, 311A, 312A
Environmental Studies 373A
Media Arts 111A
Music 100A, 104A, 107A, 108A, 110A, 113A, 114A, 115A, 116A, 117A, 147A, 150A

Writing Studies 184A, 185A, 186A

Delete Expressive Arts Designation

ENCR 310  (The course has another expressive arts course as a prerequisite)
MUSIC 304A, 307A, 308A, 310A, 313A, 314A, 350A (requested by department)

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