General Education Review, 2007

Literary & Artistic Studies Review


The works studied must:

  • 1. be significant, either by intrinsic merit or by central importance to a major tradition.
  • 2. have intellectual substance (e.g., historical, philosophical, psychological, political, and/or social issues and concerns).
  • 3. be studied in such a way as to develop the student's critical abilities.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this perspective, a student will be able to:

  • 1. analyze literary and artistic works with respect to internal structure, merit, and significance within a literary or artistic tradition.
  • 2. understand intellectual substance of a work by identifying the author's historical, philosophical, psychological, political, and/or social concepts and concerns.
  • 3. critically assess the intellectual traditions reflected in a particular work.(Needs to be better defined-open for various interpretations)


Literary and Artistic Studies Courses
Art 100L, 203L, 303L, 403L
Communication Studies 250L
Drama 101L, 166L, 210L, 220L
English 110L, 120L, 121L, 222L, 223L,
224L, 225L, 227L, 338L, 349L, 350L
Environmental Studies 305L
Film Studies 227L
French 311L, 312L
German 311L, 312L, 313L, 361L
Honors College 121L
Liberal Studies  150L, 151L, 160L, 227L, 251L, 252L,
 282L, 305L, 306L,307L 315L,
Media Arts 101L
Modern and Classical Literatures 155L,
160L, 222L, 251L, 252L, 305L, 306L, 307L, 315L
Music 132L, 133L, 134L, 135L, 166L
Russian 305L, 306L, 307L
Spanish 311L, 312L, 450L
Writing Studies 120L, 121L

Non Western:

Asian Studies 313L, 314L, 432L
Chinese 313L, 314L, 432L
Dance 434L
English 429L


Non Western Continued:
Japanese 311L, 312L, 431L
Liberal Studies 311L, 313L, 314L, 432L
Modern and Classical Literatures 311L, 312L,
 313L, 314L, 380L, 431L, 432L
Native American Studies 202L, 410L

Missing / Incomplete Forms - remove designation

LS/FS 180
PHIL 340
Religious Studies 252

Delete designation
English 375L (department's request)
Liberal Studies 351L, 375L (department's request)


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