Governor's 20% by 2010 Plan, 4/10/08

The University of Montana

What is 20 x 10?

20 X 10 is Governor Schweitzer's response to the issues surrounding climate change. He is directing all state agencies to reduce their facility related energy use by 20% by the end of 2010.

UM's Response

We are in the process of developing a comprehensive set of initiatives, projects and policies that will reduce our energy use. This is complicated by the fact that we have been hard at work on this issue for nearly 20 years already; most of the easy and cheap ways to conserve energy have already been implemented.

Examples under consideration:

  • Reduce heating in winter to 65, cooling in summer to 77
  • Replace all computer monitors with Energy Start flat panels, put computers into "sleep" mode at night
  • Continue with ground water cooling on all new buildings
  • Expand digital controls for better night temperature set back
  • Discontinue use of space heaters
  • Purchase highly efficient cars & trucks
  • Identify & replace low efficiency windows
  • Better O&M on HVAC systems
  • Install motion sensors on lighting
  • More efficient use of buildings during breaks/summer
  • Install higher r-value insulation
  • Implement more stringent building design guidelines
  • Conduct a comprehensive awareness campaign
  • Conduct a comprehensive energy audit of the campus

Your ideas and active input is needed.