Repeat Fee Resolution, 2/14/08

Whereas:  Students who retake courses must currently pay a $100 Repeat Fee in order for the cumulative GPA to be recalculated without the original grade for the course;

Whereas:  The original intent of the $100 Repeat Fee was to provide more available spaces in high enrollment courses by reducing frivolous retakes;

Whereas:  No evidence has been presented showing that students routinely retake courses for frivolous reasons, such as small incremental improvement in grades;

Whereas:  No evidence has been presented that shows the current policy has reduced unnecessary retakes;

Whereas:  The Repeat Fee policy discriminates against low income students, because they often cannot afford to pay the fee, and thereby are less competitive for scholarships, financial aid, professional programs, graduate schools and other opportunities;

Whereas:  Removing the Repeat Fee may help to reduce freshmen attrition and is in line with both President Dennison's Strategic Plan to improve retention and graduation rates and Governor Schweitzer's College Affordability Plan (CAP);

Whereas: The Associated Students of The University of Montana with unanimous consent encourages removal of the Repeat Fee;

Whereas: None of the other units within the Montana University System charges a Repeat Fee;

Therefore, let it be resolved that The Faculty Senate urges The University of Montana to adopt the following policy as of a specific date (repeat courses taken prior to the date will still require the Repeat Fee, repeat courses taken after the date will not):

          1.  Eliminate the $100 Repeat Fee.

          2.  Use only the most recent grade of a repeated course to calculate the cumulative GPA.

          3.  Show all grades on the transcript.

 Approved as amended (36 in favor 6 opposed).