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Program of the Senate, 9/10/09

  • Facilitate open communication, coordination and cooperation with UM administration
    • Participate in accreditation process
    • Participate in planning processes
    • Promote awareness of international programs
    • Continue discussions on the design of the undergraduate experience in conjunction with Academic and Student Affairs
    • Conduct evaluation of the administration
  • Apprise Faculty of Board of Regents initiatives and represent the Faculty to the Board of Regents and Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education
    • Monitor common course numbering implementation
    • Monitor implementation of dual credit programs
    • Monitor the recommendations of the BOR workgroup charged with reinventing and reforming the Montana University System
  • Monitor general education transition and make adjustments as needed
  • Review effectiveness of UDWPA
  • Review co-convening option as an alternative to UG courses
  • Promote faculty awareness of on-campus resources to support teaching
  • Review Unit Standards Committee procedures
  • Review new and continuing Centers and Programs
  • Implement changes to election process