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Program of the Senate, 2010-2011

  • Improve communication, coordination and cooperation with UM administration
    • Encourage administrators to communicate at least one Faculty Senate meeting
    • The Chair and Chair Elect will attend at least one Executive Officer / Council of Deans meeting
    • Participate in strategic plan implementation
    • Participate in efforts to enhance the undergraduate and graduate experience
    • Revise the evaluation of the administration process
  • Improve collaboration with other campus governance groups.
  • Apprise Faculty of Board of Regents initiatives and represent the Faculty to the Board of Regents and Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education
    • Monitor Common Course Numbering, Dual Credit Programs, and the BOR reinventing and reforming efforts
  • Review and revise Faculty Senate Articles and Bylaws.
  • Establish a Faculty Senate procedural manual.
  • Monitor Standing Committee efforts – UDWPA / Co-convening.
  • Conduct Center Reviews and Interim Assessment of New Programs.
  • Consider faculty governance involvement in undergraduate program review similar to graduate program review.
  • Investigate Online Education strategic planning.
  • Appropriate participation in strategic planning, budgeting, annual assessment, and accreditation follow-up and planning.
  • Support undergraduate and graduate student success efforts including the initiative to waive teaching assistant and research assistants’ non-resident tuition.