Meeting, May 7, 2009

Meeting, May 7, 2009
Gallagher Business Building, Room 123


Members Present:

D. Allington, C. Anderson, T. Atkins, L. Barnes, D. Beck, R. Bendick-Kier, S. Bradford, S. Brewer, B. Brown J. Burroughs, K. Canty, J. Carter, D. Dalenberg, J. DeBoer, P. Dietrich, A. Delaney,  B. Douma, A. Duwell, L. Dybdal, L. Eagle Heart-Thomas, J. Edwards,  D. Freeman, L. Frey, C. Galipeau, L. Gillison, J. Glendening, S. Gordon, N. Hadad, B. Halfpap, J. Halfpap, L. Hayes, J. Herbold, E. Hines, N. Hinman, W. Holben,  D. Hollist, B. Ikeda, R. Judd, B. Larson, J. Lopach, D. MacDonald, M. Mayer, S. McCann,  M. McHugh, N. Moisey, J. Montauban, E. Moore, J. Morton, N. Nickerson, C. Palmer, R. Premuroso,  T. Seekins, G. Swaney, J. Renz, E. Rosenberg, W. Sheilds, D. Shively, S. Stan, G. Smith,  R. Stubblefield, H. Thompson, E. Uchimoto, K. Uhlenbruck, N. Vonessen, A. Ware, G. Weix, P. Williams                    

Members Excused

A. Carpoca, J. Eglin, D. Erickson, A. Golbeck, K. Griggs, J. Luckowski, D. Potts, G. Twigg, C. Work 

Members Absent

B. Allen, E. Moore, M. Patterson, M. Shogren, D. Six, R. Skelton, D. Spencer, S. Stiff, D. Stolle

Ex-Officio Present:

President Dennison,  Associate Provost Walker-Andrews, ASUM  President Fennell, Interim Registrar Johnson, Deans Allen and Evans


D. Coffin, J. Hirstein, S. Dinkel Uhlig, A. Kia, UFA President Kupilik, A. Yonowitz, (several students in support of the proposed major in Central and Southwest Asian Studies)

Chair Ware called the meeting to order at 3:10 p.m.    

Registrar Johnson called role.

The 4/9/09 minutes were approved.


President Dennison
The Board of Regents is having a meeting next Wednesday to discuss the budget situation now that the Legislative session is over. Tuition and salaries have not yet been decided for the next biennium.

The University went into the budget planning process with the recognition that $25 million was needed to accommodate present law adjustments (the inflationary costs necessary to serve the same number of students).

The legislative session ended with the budget short $15 million.  The impact on the Missoula campus will be approximately 1/3 of this.  The campus will have to look seriously at how to address the problem. Operating expenses, travel, equipment, and fee waivers will likely be reduced.  Then the administration will have to look at the various sectors (Administration and Finance, Academic Affairs, and Student Services) to make additional reductions.   

The Regents are reluctant to increase tuition because the perception is that access will be threatened if tuition goes up and this could impact enrollment.   A 5% increase ($200/year) would cover the deficit.  There will be an interesting discussion at the Board of Regents meeting.     

ASUM President Fennell

The new ASUM President Fennell was sworn in at last night's ASUM meeting.  ASUM's focus next year will be to get students more involved and to continue the focus on environmental action and institutional strength.

He encourages the Senate to approve the proposed Major in Central and Southwest Asian Studies.  Several students are in attendance to show their support.

UFA President Kupilik
The MSU faculty voted in favor of unionizing.  Now every public institution in the state of Montana is unionized.

There is a bargaining session scheduled for Monday at noon. All items have been passed to the administration and the administration has indicated it will be passing items back.  It is unclear whether there will be a contract in place for the fall. If agreement is reached voting will take place by mail over the summer.  If no agreement is reached the current contract will remain in force with the exception of article 13, compensation. 


Jim Hirstein, Chair, NWCCU Accreditation Steering Committee
The newsletter was linked to the agenda as information.  Revisions to the draft reports will start this summer.

Chair's Report:
Academic Strategic Planning Update
The Academic Strategic Planning Committee has identified 5 focus areas: 1) undergraduate education, 2) graduate education, 3) research and creativity, 4) workplace and information technology, and 5) diversity and international programs.   Goals and actions will be identified for each of the areas.  The plan will guide the university for the next five years.  It is important that a mechanism for assessment be included in the planning. A communication will be sent to campus soon. 

Day of Dialogue
Faculty were reminded to plan ahead to participate in next year's Day of Dialogue. More information can be found at
Committee Needs
Two committees still need members:  Unit standards (two from social sciences) and the General Education Committee (one from sciences).  Faculty will also be needed to serve on search committees for the Registrar and Directors of the Office for Student Success and Undergraduate Advising Center over the summer.

Analysis of General Education Language Requirement

The data indicates that approximately 2/3 of students are in majors with approved exemptions from the modern and classical language requirement.  So it would seem that the default language requirement will not have a significant change.  There has not been a study of whether the current language courses are sufficient to serve additional students.

Dual Credit Program
ECOS discussed the issue with Provost Engstrom and received an executive summary from Professor Crepeau.  The program primarily involves math courses approved by the College of Technology Applied Arts and Science program.  Instructors must meet university requirements.  ECOS would prefer that the courses be taught on campus rather than the high schools.  Other states have similar programs.  The Senate will need to keep an eye out for how the program grows.  There are reports that courses in Chinese and French will be proposed for dual credit in the future.  

Summer Meeting
The summer meeting is scheduled for July 16th.   The meeting is short and is primarily to approve the candidates for graduation.   

Committee Reports:


Graduate Council Chair Neil Moisey
The Graduate School Tuition Waiver Policy has been rescinded.
The annual report was posted as information.

Faculty Library Committee Chair Vonessen
The annual report was posted as information. Of particular concern is the budget outlook for the next biennium.   The committee approved the following resolution:

The Faculty Library Committee strongly supports the continuation of yearly inflationary increases to the Mansfield Library budget at the level necessary to preserve current collections and acquisitions.  We are making this recommendation because the library is integral to the research and educational mission of The University of Montana.  Eliminating the inflationary increases will lead to reductions in information resources, including a substantial decrease in monographs and media, and the cancellation of database and journal subscriptions. This would have a detrimental effect on the research, teaching and learning activities at the University of Montana.

Academic Standards and Curriculum Review Committee Chair G.G. Weix

The curriculum consent agenda was approved by a show of hands after discussion.  There were concerns regarding resources for the new program in Central and Southwest Asian Studies.   

The fall curriculum deadline is September 25th 2009.  The deadline memo was posted as information.

The annual reports from ASCRC, the Writing Committee, and the General Education Committee were posted as information.

Committee chairs were thanked for their service and given certificates of appreciation.


Unfinished Business

Center Reviews

Senator Mayer presented the revised review of the O'Conner Center for the Rocky Mountain West.   A detailed budget was submitted. The Center has made considerable progress in reducing its reliance on state funds.  The report was approved by the by the Senate.

New Business


The School of Education name change to the College of Education and Health Science was approved by a show of hands. 

Outgoing Senators were thanked and new senators were seated.  Chair Ware was presented with a certificate and gift of appreciation.  Camie was also given a gift of appreciation.

Nominations for chair-elect were opened. Neil Moisey was nominated and accepted.   There were no other nominations. Senator Moisey's nomination was approved by the Senate.


The College of Arts and Sciences' Caucus nominated Senators Judd and MacDonald to serve on ECOS.  The Professional Schools' Caucus nominated Senator Gordon.  The nominations were approved by the Senate.

The new ECOS consists of:

Nancy Hinman, Geosciences (Chair)
Neil Moisey, Society and Conservation (Chair-elect)
Michael Mayer, History
Doug Arlington, Pharmacy Practice
Stacey Gordon, Law
Ralph Judd, DBS
Doug MacDonald, Anthropology



Good and Welfare: none

The meeting was adjourned at 4:17 pm.