Tickets & Packages

UPDATE: Due to Covid-19, tickets for Family Weekend 2020 will go on sale on August 5th at 8am MST. We are currently working on packages, and should have more info on those, as well as the event schedule soon.

Ticket & Package Options

There will be three options for each Family Weekend participant:

  1. The Family Weekend Package for $70, which includes:
    • A football game ticket to watch the Griz take on Sacramento State
    • A Grizzly pregame brunch ticket
    • A SWAG bag that includes Griz spirit items, local discounts, and coupons
    • Access to all non-ticketed Family Weekend events
  2. A Pregame Brunch-Only Ticket for $16, which includes:
    • Access to the Family Weekend pregame brunch event
    • Access to all non-ticketed Family Weekend events
  3. A $10 Access Pass to non-ticketed Family Weekend events:
    • Access to non-ticketed events (students are not charged for non-ticketed events)
    • Access to Griz Game and brunch NOT included

Cost & Availability

Package Ticket Cost:

Package tickets cost $70 each. There is no limit to the number of tickets you can purchase as long as they are available. All major credit cards are accepted. A total of 550 football package tickets are available for Family Weekend attendees this year.

Though your student's standard free football game ticket will be available the week of the game, you must purchase a package ticket for your student if you want them to sit with you in the Family Weekend section at the game and join you for the pregame brunch.

Brunch-only Ticket Cost:

Brunch-only tickets cost $16. If you are a football season-ticket holder, or your student plans to sit in the student section at the game but you would still like to attend the pregame brunch, you can purchase a brunch-only ticket. There will be a limited number available.

Purchasing Instructions

When purchasing tickets, you will be considered the Primary Registrant and will be required to enter your student's name, regardless if you are purchasing a package or brunch-only ticket for them. This helps us organize information for families.

After you fill out your contact information and provide your student's name, you will register every guest in your party. You will need to re-enter your student as a guest if you intend to purchase them a package or brunch-only ticket. Students are not charged the registration fee. It is possible to purchase tickets from a mobile device.

For Assistance

Package tickets are sold first-come, first-served and must be purchased online. If you have any questions, please contact Karen Schlatter at (406) 243-4191 or

Refunds will be assessed where possible, but no later than October 9th.

Receiving Your Tickets

You will pick up your tickets during Family Weekend registration from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM Friday at the first floor West Atrium Desk of the University Center. If you are arriving after 6:00 PM on Friday, please send your student to pick up your Family Weekend packet during registration hours. If neither you nor your student can pick up your packet on Friday, ticket pickup will be available Saturday outside of the pregame meal held in the University Center Ballroom. After the pregame meal, all remaining tickets must be collected at the Adams Center Box Office.

General Family Weekend Info

  • For hotel information, please visit our Travel & Accommodation page.
  • For a tentative schedule of Family Weekend events, please visit our Event Schedule page.
  • Parking: On Friday, UM Police Department has generously waived parking fees for all decal/day pass spots in honor of our Family Weekend guests. Hourly spots will still cost $1.50/hr. and please no parking in reserved. Saturday game day parking will require a special pass, so don't forget to grab a free pass at check-in. Please check with Family Weekend staff if you have any questions about your Saturday permit or if you need information about the free bus system throughout campus and town. We suggest arriving early both days since it will be such a busy and fun weekend on campus!