Grand Prismatic Hot Spring in Yellowstone National Park

UM Researchers Study Photosynthetic Bacterial Life

Every year, millions of visitors to Yellowstone National Park traverse the boardwalk of Grand Prismatic Hot Spring to observe the pool’s boiling blue center. For the past few years, those tourists...

snowshoe hares

Climate Change Holds Consequences for Wildlife

The predicted decrease of winter snowpack due to climate change might inconvenience winter recreationists, but for mammals that change coat color during the cold months to blend in and survive,...

Professor Takes to Tibetan Plateau for Yak Study

There are around 14 million domestic yaks in the world, but nobody knows how many wild yaks there are. They're a vulnerable species. UM Professor Joel Berger lead an expedition to the Tibetan...

UM Associate Professor Kelly Dixon

UM Archaeology Class Digs Deep into Missoula History

Local lore claims that downtown Missoula has quite the history—underground. It's a subject that has caught, and held, the attention of Missoulians for decades. In an attempt to document that lore,...

II2013 – Innovation and Imagination 2013 at UM

Events Celebrate Innovation at UM

Innovation and imagination are the cornerstones of research and creative scholarship at the University of Montana. UM is celebrating research, creative scholarship and entrepreneurship during...

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