Montana Resident Entering Student Scholarship Program

Montana Academic Achievement Scholarship (MAA)

The Montana Resident Entering Student Scholarship Program draws together many endowed scholarships and donations into a single scholarship pool known as the Montana Academic Achievement Scholarship (MAA). All new incoming University of Montana students pursuing their first bachelor's degree will automatically be considered for scholarships. The application for admission serves as the scholarship application.

MAA scholarships range from $1,000 to $3,000. Awarding begins after November 15.

To maximize grant and scholarship opportunities, new students are encouraged to complete the FAFSA, and apply for departmental and renewable scholarships through the UM Scholarship Portal. High school students can start earning UM micro-scholarships as early as their freshman year of high school through the RaiseMe program.

MAA awards are tuition designated scholarships. They cannot exceed the cost of tuition when combined with other tuition designated awards such as tuition waivers. Some students will be asked to write thank you notes to the donors who sponsor their specific scholarship. Students will be notified beginning in June if they need to do so.

Students who do not qualify for a scholarship upon entry to UM, but choose to attend anyway, cannot qualify for one of these scholarships at a later date. However, they are encouraged to apply for continuing student scholarships.

MAA Details

Scholarships earned on RaiseMe represent a guaranteed minimum amount of institutional scholarship or grant aid a student will receive from the university.

If a student receives a MAA scholarship or other UM scholarship/grant that in combination is larger than what they earned through RaiseMe, the amount earned on RaiseMe is included in those other awards.

For Autumn 2018, incoming freshman students pursuing a first bachelor's degree will qualify for a MAA if they meet the following criterion:

Test Score ACT 27-36 or
SAT 1280-1600 or
old SAT 1800-2400
ACT 25-26 or
SAT 1200-1270 or
old SAT 1680-1790
ACT 23-24 or
SAT 1130-1190 or
old SAT 1560-1670
ACT 21-22 or
SAT 1060-1120 or
old SAT 1450-1550
High School GPA (unweighted cum)
3.75-4.0 $3,000 $3,000 $2,000 $1,000
3.50-3.74 $3,000 $3,000 $1,500 $1,000
3.25-3.49 $2,000 $2,000 $1,500 $1,000
3.00-3.24 $1,500 $1,000 $1,000 $1,000
2.75-2.99 $1,000

For Autumn 2018, transfer students pursuing a first bachelor's degree will qualify for a MAA if they meet the following criterion:

  • $3,000 with a 3.50 or higher cumulative transfer GPA
  • $2,000 with a 3.25-3.49 cumulative transfer GPA
  • $1,500 with a 3.00-3.24 cumulative transfer GPA
  • $1,000 with a 2.75-2.99 cumulative transfer GPA

For the 17-18 academic year, if an incoming freshmen qualifies for the MAA scholarship it is renewable for two years.

For transfer students, the number of years for which the scholarship is renewable is based on the number of transfer credits accepted by UM.

  • 0-29 credits, 2 years
  • 30+ credits, not renewable

Many MAA awards are funded by donations made to the UM Foundation. The process of matching students to scholarships is done in late spring/early summer.

Though most MAA awards are limited to two years, a small group of awards are renewable for up to four years. For a student to be matched to one of these awards they must complete the general scholarship application available in the UM Scholarship Portal.

Once a student exhausts their years of MAA eligibility it is expected that they will apply for departmental scholarships and one of the many scholarships reserved for continuing students.

A student must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 at the end of the spring semester for the scholarship to be renewed (if renewable).

Students who are not continuously enrolled (except summers), transfer to Missoula College (including Bitterroot College), or become distance only students, forfeit the scholarship. Non-resident students are not eligible for the MAA.

MAA recipients cease to be eligible for the MAA upon completion of a bachelor's degree.

The scholarship will not be disbursed in any given semester until the student is enrolled full-time (12 or more credits). The scholarship is not available for use in the summer term.

Students who do not meet scholarship conditions may appeal for reinstatement using the Scholarship Appeal Form.

Post-baccalaureate students (i.e. students who have previously earned a bachelor's degree) and graduate students are not eligible to receive the MAA.