Get To Know Us

Holly came to Montana after attending Sonoma State University in beautiful California during which she earned a Bachelors degree in Mathematics.  Five years of math wasn't enough so she became a mathematics graduate student of the University of Montana.  

After graduating with her Masters in Mathematics in 2011, Holly stayed in Missoula and taught with the UM Math Department for two years, and became Director of Math Tutoring on campus for two and a half years.  She also worked with the Office for Student Success (OSS) as the Director of Study Jam tutoring and the EdReady Academic Coach in 2013.  

While working in the Math Department, she greatly enjoyed helping students understand difficult topics and succeed in their academic pursuits.  Teaching and tutoring are lifelong passions for Holly.  

In January of 2014, Holly began working with the OSS as the Program Manager of the new UM Financial Education Program.  Holly enjoys helping students understand difficult topics and aiding them in achieving a future full of possibilities.