Alumni, Faculty and Friends

Greek Alumni

The Office of Greek Life recognizes the importance of having strong alumni support for the undergraduate Greeks. We thank those who are actively involved and appreciate your generous volunteer and/or financial donations to your individual chapters and the Greek community.

Looking to get involved? There are two ways to become involved in our Greek community. We have two equally commendable opportunities: Join the Greek Task Force and/or volunteer in an advisory capacity for your local chapter!

The Greek Task Force works diligently to provide scholarships, training and guidance for the undergraduate Greeks. During weekly conference calls they discuss ways they can further help our active members better their chapters and the Greek community as a whole.

The Greek Task Force is open for all membership including Greek Alumni whose chapters aren't active at The University of Montana.

Please send an email to if you're interested in volunteering for this worthy cause.

Faculty and Friends

The Office of Greek Life is looking for Faculty Advisors that can help our chapters with academic guidance. If you are interested in helping Greek members further their education,please contact the advisor in the footer of this page.

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Community Involvement