Prospective Greeks

Greek Life offers students a unique opportunity to lead a balanced college life with a focus on academics, brotherhood/sisterhood, community service, leadership and responsible social interaction. Greek Life allows students to make meaningful and lasting friendships with individuals who share similar ideals and common purposes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many Greek chapters are there?

Currently there are 4 sororities and 7 fraternities, with 3 additional organizations colonizing.

What is it like being in a Greek chapter? What experiences can you share?

Being a member of a Greek chapter gives all the opportunities for success, friendship and personal development one needs to succeed in and after college. There is always someone in the chapter who is willing to be a study partner, go to the gym, go skiing, watch a movie with and be there to listen. While UM Greek Life strives to give students the resources they need to succeed academically with study tables and tutoring options, there is always time for late night ice cream runs, movie marathons and having fun. Additionally, being in a Greek chapter gives members network tools throughout the community and nation.

What are Greeks involved in on campus other than Greek Life?

Members of UM Greek Life are involved in a variety of different activities on campus. Some of these activities include:

  • UM Allies
  • Countless Honor Societies (ie. Order of Omega, Mortar Board, PsiChi, Pi Sigma Alpha, Alpha Lambda Delta, etc.)
  • Religious Groups (ie. Younglife, CampusCRU. Etc.)
  • Intramural, Club and Varsity Sports
  • Associate Students of University of Montana (ASUM)
  • Volunteer Organizations ( ie. CASA, Love your melon, Grizzly Service, etc.)
  • Global Leadership initiative
  • Davidson Honors College
  • Academic Clubs (ie. Forestry Club, Criminology Club, Psychology Club, etc)
  • And Many More!

How often do Greek chapters participate in charitable events?

Individual chapters have different requirements for community service events and hours. Chapters usually require anywhere from 10-30 hours of community service each semester. Community service hours can be obtained through individual volunteer hours or through community service events the chapter participates in as a whole.

What community organizations do Greek chapters work with?

Greeks at UM donate an average of 15,000 hours of service to the Missoula community each year. Members of Greek chapters donate their time to many organizations, including:

What is formal recruitment like?

Formal recruitment is at the beginning of fall semester and runs for one week. For sorority recruitment, at the beginning of the week potential new members meet with recruitment counselors and talk in a neutral setting like the University Center to go over the expectations of the week and to answer and questions. In the days following the initial meet and greet, potential new members go through three rounds of recruitment. These rounds include water rounds, philanthropy/house tour rounds, and preference night. Recruitment is run through a mutual selection process. Finally, to conclude the week current chapter members gather for Bid Day on the Oval to welcome the new members to their chapter. Fraternity recruitment is run similar to sorority recruitment with informal meet and greets, house tours and many chances to hang out with the current fraternity members.

What is the commitment?

Time commitments vary depending on the individual chapters. However, most chapters require members to be present at their formal meetings once a week, which usually take between an hour and 90 minutes and various hours of community service are also required. If you wish to further your experience in Greek life, becoming a member of Panhellenic Council or Interfraternity Council and/or holding an executive office position within your chapter are great ways to become more involved.

There are financial obligations to be a member of a fraternity or sorority that your student will be responsible for paying each semester. The amount is dependent on what organization your student decides to join. The University of Montana is fortunate to have strong alumni that support our community. There are several ways that your student could find money to help offset the cost of being in an organization. National organizations, individual chapters, and community alumni all offer scholarships.

Some organizations currently operate chapter facilities and there may be a commitment to living in the facility. Make sure to ask during recruitment if there is a commitment. 

How often do Greek chapters participate in social events?

Most chapters have at least one function each semester. Functions can range from formal dinner and dances to bowling nights to movie nights. Although there may not be functions every weekend, Greeks hang out with each other on a weekly basis with game nights and going to sporting events. Greek chapters participate in the UM Homecoming Day Parade, Greek Week and other individual chapter events. Some of the events that happen during the year are:

  • Ivy Ball
  • Queen of Hearts
  • Sapphire Ball
  • White Rose
  • Cream Rose
  • Violet Ball
  • Kite and Key
  • Derby Days
  • Kickball for CASA
  • Red Dress Gala
  • Anchor Slam
  • Kappa Jam
  • Founders Days
  • And Many More!

What do alumni do for Greek students?

Alumni of the Greek system provide a critical support system for the current chapters. Not only by funding activities and chapter necessities, alumni offer valuable advice to current chapter members. Many chapters use alumni as advisers for their chapter officers and chapter houses as well. Being able to talk to someone who was a member of the chapter years ago, ask for help, and make great networking connections with is a huge part of how alumni serve the Greek community. Also, alumni members of UM Greek Life make up the Greek Task Force which provides scholarships, training and guidance for current Greeks as well as resources to better individual members and chapters as a whole. Each organization also has Alumni Organizations which you can find on their chapter or national websites.

Where do freshmen live?

Freshmen are required to live on campus unless they have a permanent family residence in Missoula. However, under special circumstances Residence Life may allow special permissions to live off campus. You can contact Residence Life at (406) 243-2611.

How much does it cost to join a Greek chapter?

Fraternity Chapter Costs Sorority Chapter Costs
Avg. New Member Fees $322.86 $1,210.97
Avg. Live-In $4,293.33 $3,838.80
Avg. Live-Out $485.83 $1,192.30

Do members need a school meal plan or do they always eat at the house?

While members live on campus they should have a campus meal plan. Live out members typically are invited to dinner with their chapters on nights of formal meetings and several other days depending on the chapter. While living in chapter facilities, most members do not have a campus meal plan as a meal plan is included in their dues. Bear Bucks or Flex Dollars are available for purchase which is a convenient and flexible way to eat on campus during long days away for the chapter.