Support Foreign Students at UM

You Can Help Build the International Legacy at The University of Montana!

It has long been our dream to establish a scholarship specifically for foreign students at The University of Montana.  We now have the structure in place to proceed with this dream.  It is our fervent hope that you will consider making a donation. Give another foreign student the opportunity to earn their degree and help give back to UM. Please encourage family members, friends and business associates to contribute towards this worthy cause. You can make a difference in students lives by ensuring they receive an education that enriches their lives as well as helps them improve the lives of others close to them.

Private contributions for student academic support helps ease the financial burden many students face. Due to the economic climate in many foreign countries, more foreign students than ever are in need. Your support will help build bridges in our international community and allow foreign students to continue their education with less financial burden while in school.

Donations may be as small or as generous as you are able to give.  To participate in this exciting opportunity for deserving international students,  Donate Now This will ensure that your donation will go to supporting the foreign students of UM.

If you would like to make a larger donation and create a specialized scholarship, please contact Curtis Cox, assistant vice president for development for the University of Montana Foundation at or 406-243-2585 to discuss this opportunity. 

We hope you share our enthusiasm for the creation of this resource benefitting our UM foreign students and leaders.

Thank you!