UM Global Partners Program - New Student

The UM Global Partners Program, organized by Foreign Student and Scholar Services, is a free service program to provide a personal friend to help out new foreign students during their first semester on campus.  The personal friends, Global Partners , are experienced UM students, male and female, who have volunteered to help new foreign students during their first semester which is often confusing and frustrating.  If you are a new foreign student and wish to participate in this program, you will be matched with one Global Partner who serves as a resource person and friend to you.  The Global Partner will help you adjust to life on campus, the Missoula community, and to American culture in general and also provide a friendly ear to help ease culture shock.  The Global Partner often becomes your first friend on campus.


When you attend the Foreign Student Orientation in Fall or Spring Semester you will hear more about this program and receive an application form that you can submit.  Then you will be matched with one Global Partner at the beginning of the semester. You then have a resource person and friend throughout your first semester.


If you sign up for this program, please remember that you are making a semester-long commitment.  During that time, it is expected that you contact your Global Partner regularly. 

WHAT DO I DO WITH MY Global Partner ?

  • Meet regularly with him or her during the first semester;
  • Spend time getting to know him or her over coffee, lunch or dinner;
  • Ask questions about life at UM, Missoula, and USA;
  • Discover where to go shopping or how to get around in Missoula;
  • Have fun cooking together or carving Halloween pumpkins;
  • Study together; or 
  • Develop a new friend with a friendly ear to hang out with!

For all inquiries, please email at