Study Abroad

University of Montana has partnered with multiple universities across the world to give first-year students an optional study abroad experience. First-Year Study Abroad opportunities are available to any incoming freshman who have earned at least 24 credits through IB coursework. This study abroad experience would occur the year between high school graduation and the start of coursework at UM.

First-Year Study Abroad locations include Austria, Chile, Costa Rica, France, Italy, United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom. Students can visit UM's Study Abroad website to learn more about specific opportunities. Students interested in pursuing this opportunity should contact by October 15 of their senior year. A more detailed process and timeline are noted below.

Students who apply and are accepted to the Franke Global Leadership Initiative will have another opportunity to study abroad during their Beyond the Classroom Experience (which is the third year of the Franke GLI program). Financial support for the third-year experience is provided. To see what current and former Fellows are doing Beyond the Classroom, you can check out the Beyond the Classroom Blog.

Process and Timeline

  1. Contact by October 15 of your senior year to indicate your interest.
  2. Meet with Education Abroad Director by November 15 to learn more.
  3. Apply to the University of Montana by November 15.
  4. Search prospective universities that offer First-Year Study Abroad opportunities to find institutions that offer courses in your area of academic interest (and language of instruction).
  5. Meet with academic advisor at UM by mid-December.
  6. Complete the study abroad application, with a list of planned courses. (Due late-January) Application fee due at this time.
  7. Complete interview process (February)
  8. Enroll in a 1-credit Study Abroad Prep class that is required of all participants and will take place in early-March to late-April (online or face-to-face).

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