Global Learning Pathways

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Gateway to the Franke Global Leadership Initiative

What if college was more than a degree? What if there was a diverse community of students, from all different majors, who wanted to solve the world’s problems? What if you could be a part of all that?

The Franke Global Leadership Initiative (GLI) is a four-year certificate program at the University of Montana that asks students to make an impact on their community. GLI gives students the chance to travel abroad, to experience what it means to be part of a global community, and to use these experiences to tackle some of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. 

How the Pathway Works

Any International Baccalaureate student completing Theory of Knowledge and receiving a passing grade on the exam of any Higher Level IB course can receive automatic admission to the Franke Global Leadership Initiative and will not be required to take GBLD 194. To be considered for the Global Learning Pathway program, you must apply no later than August 1 of the year you'll enter UM. If you are planning to apply to the first-year study abroad opportunity, applications to the study abroad office are due in January of your senior year. You must contact no later than October 15 of your senior year to start that application process.

Students entering through the pathway program may choose to be on a 4-year track or a 3-year track, dependent on the student's graduation goals. Any student wishing to be on a 3-year track should be sure to specify that in their application.