Why Join?

Guaranteed admission to the Franke Global Leadership Initiative

The Franke Global Leadership Initiative is a certificate program that will frame your college experience by giving you the knowledge, leadership, and skills to solve the problems of today. Choose a “global challenge” that interests you. Follow your passion to tackle issues in energy, poverty, health, technology, and so much more. Gain a global perspective beyond your major and showcase your work to the world.

Transfer up to 30 IB credits to UM

GLP/IB students can transfer up to 30 credits to UM, speeding up the pathway to graduation. See UM's IB Admission Policy for more information.

Get an early start on university coursework

GLP students will satisfy the first semester of the Franke GLI program by taking Theory of Knowledge and receiving a passing grade on a higher level IB exam. Students will graduate from high school with university credits and a head start over their peers.

Study abroad during your freshman year

After graduating high school, GLP students who earn at least 24 credits through IB coursework have the option of participating in one of UM's First Year Study Abroad programs. Locations include Austria, Chile, Costa Rica, France, Italy, United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom.