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Health, Well-Being and Development

What does Health, Well-Being and Development mean?

Illness and disease have become major issues of our time. The health, well-being, and development of the world’s peoples have become a paramount concern. Complex issues, like childhood obesity, require in depth understanding and analysis in order to understand not only the root causes of the condition, but also viable, realistic treatment and prevention programs as well. Health, well-being, and development represent broad areas of study and encompass mental, emotional, social, and physical components. Health care systems, the connection between health and economic success and issues surrounding the role of mental health in society are examples of issues this theme could address. This theme can contribute to greater understanding for those studying areas such as Anthropology, Athletic Training, Biology, Education, Health and Human Performance, International Business, Journalism, Native American Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Social Work, and Sociology.

General Education Courses

GLI Fellows should plan to take at least 3 General Education courses that relate to their Theme and Topic. For courses that address the issues of Health, Well-Being and Development, please consult the list below.

Course Number Course Name
ANTY 326E Indigenous Peoples and Global Development
BFIN 205S Personal Finance
BGEN 105S Introduction to Business
BIOB 130N Evolution and Society
BIOB 160N Principles of Living Systems
CHMY 123N Intro Organic and Biological Chemistry
CSD 221N Fundamentals of Acoustics
ECNS 101S Economic Way of Thinking
ECNS 201S Principles of Microeconomics
ECNS 202S Principles of Macroeconomics
ECNS 217X Economic Development
M 105 Contemporary Math (Group II)
M 115 Probability and Linear Math (Group II)
NASX 210X Native American Sports Games
NUTR 221N Basic Human Nutrition
PHL 110E Introduction to Ethics
PHL 114E Introduction to Political Ethics
PHL 321E Philosophy and Biomedical Ethics
PHSX 205N  College Physics I
PHSX 206N College Physics I Laboratory I
PHSX 215N Fundamentals of Physics with Calculus I
PHSX 216N Physics Laboratory I with Calculus
PSYX 230S Developmental Psychology
PSYX 378S Intro to Clinical Psychology
SOCI 212S Social Issues in SE Asia
SOCI 371S Social Change & Global Dev

Elective Courses

If Fellows are unable to find General Education courses that meet their needs, elective courses may also be used. For elective courses that address the issues of Health, Well-Being and Development, please consult the list below.

Course Number Course Name
AHAT 210 Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries
AHAT 213 Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries Lab
ANTY 227 Epidemiology of Vector-Borne & Paras. Dis.
ANTY 417 Adaption and Nutritional Anthropology
ANTY 426 Culture, Health and Healing
ANTY 427 Anthropology of Gender
ANTY 435 Drugs, Culture and Society
BCH 110 The Biochemistry of Life
BCH 111 The Biochemistry of Life Lab
BCH 380 Biochemistry
BCH 480 Advanced Biochemistry I
BCH 482 Advanced Biochemistry II
BIOH 112 Intro to Human Form & Function I
BIOH 113 Intro to Human Form & Function II
BIOM 227 Epidemiology of Vector-Borne & Paras. Dis.
CHMY 445 Industrial Chemistry and its Impact on Society
CHTH 485 Theories of Health Behavior and Counseling
COA 405 Fundamentals of Coaching
CSD 330 Anatomy & Physiology of Speech & Hearing Mechanisms
ECNS 310 Health Economics
ECNS 450 Advanced Topics in Economic Development
ECP 100 Basic First Aid and CPR
ECP 120 Emergency Medical Responder
ECP 121 Emergency Medical Responder Lab
ECP 122 Wilderness First Responder
ECP 132 EMT and Incident Management
ECP 133 Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician
HEE 110 Personal Health and Wellness
HEE 233 Health Issues of Children and Adolescents
HTH 370 Peer Health Education
KIN 201 Basics of Exercise Prescription
PSCI 227 Issues in Global Public Health
PSCI 431 Indigenous Peoples and Global Development
PSCI 448 Healthcare Policy
PSCI 463 Human Sexuality
PSYX 233 Fundamentals of Psychology of Aging
PSYX 345 Child and Adolescent Psychological Disorders
PSYX 348 Psychology of Family Violence
SOCI 325 Social Stratification
SOCI 362 Sociology of Law Enforcement
SOCI 433 Addiction Studies
SOCI 435 Law and Society
SOCI 442 Service Learning in ISJ
SOCI 443 Sociology of Poverty
SOCI 444 Issues in Equality
SOCI 485 Political Society