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Imagination, Creativity and Expression

What does Imagination, Creativity and Expression mean?

By examining artistic and creative traditions from around the world and throughout history, we enrich our appreciation of both the work and the culture that produced it. Theater, literature, and visual art offer unique glimpses into the lives of others, helping us to recognize common themes and valuable differences in the human experience. Critically examining these works helps us hone the skills of observation and analysis. Interacting with different kinds of texts requires that we develop and apply appropriate criteria to make informed judgments. Perhaps most importantly, studying the arts gives us tools to represent and understand our experience, and inspires us to express ourselves more imaginatively. This theme provides a unique lens with which to view almost any real-world problem, including such issues as global climate change, the local food movement, the link between poverty and health. Work in this theme aligns with the following majors/minors: Studio Art, Anthropology, Film Studies, Theater, Music, English Literature, Creative Writing, Modern and Classical Languages, Media Arts, and Dance.

General Education Courses

GLI Fellows should plan to take at least 3 General Education courses that relate to their Theme and Topic. For courses that address the issues of Imagination, Creativity and Expression, please consult the list below.

Course Number Course Name
ANTY 133H Food and Culture
ANTY 141H The Silk Road
ARTH 160L Global Visual Culture
BIOB 130N Evolution and Society
BIOO 105N Introduction to Botany
BMGT 101S Introduction to Entertainment Management
CRWR 210A Intro Fiction Workshop
CRWR 211A Intro Poetry Workshop
CRWR 212A Intro Nonfiction Workshop
CRWR 312A Intermediate Nonfiction Workshop
DAN 100A Modern Dance I
DAN 110A Jazz Dance I
DAN 200A Modern Dance II
DAN 210A Ballet II
DAN 220A Beginning Composition
JRNL 140A Intro to Radio/Audio Storytelling
LIT 120L Intro to Poetry
LSH 151L Humanities: Bible, Greeks and Romans
LSH 152L Humanities: Medieval to Modern
LSH 160H Introduction to Asian Humanities
LSH 202X South Asia - Intro to India
LSH 327L Gender & Sexuality in English Fiction
M 105 Contemporary Math (Group II)
M 115 Probability and Linear Math (Group II)
MAR 101L Intro to Media Arts
MAR 111A Integrated Digital Art
MAR 112A Intro to Non-linear Editing
MUSI 108A Symphony Orchestra
MUSI 111A Singing for Non-Majors
MUSI 112A University Choir
MUSI 114A University Concert Band
MUSI 130L History of Jazz
MUSI 131A UM Jazz Band I, II and III
MUSI 132L History of Rock and Roll
MUSI 133L Country Music
MUSI 202L Introduction to Music Literature
MUSI 207HX World Music
MUSI 301LH Music History I
MUSI 415 Music of the 20th Century to the Present (upper-division writing)
MUSI 417 Cultural Studies in Music: Music, Film and Media (upper-division writing)
MUSI 417 Cultural Studies in Music: Popular Culture and American Musical Theatre (upper-division writing)
NASX 235XL Oral & Written Traditions of Native Americans
RLST 204H Introduction to the Hebrew Bible
RLST 232HX Buddhism
RLST 234H Hinduism
RLST 236X Chinese Religions
RLST 238X Japanese Religions
RLST 381E Comparative Ethics
THTR 102A Introduction to Theatre Design

Elective Courses

If Fellows are unable to find General Education courses that meet their needs, elective courses may also be used. For elective courses that address the issues of Imagination, Creativity and Expression, please consult the list below.

Course Number Course Name
ANTY 336 Myth, Ritual and Religion
ANTY 444 Artistic Traditions of Central/Southwest Asia
BCH 294 Introductory Biochemistry
CRWR 310 Intermediate Fiction Workshop
CRWR 311 Intermediate Poetry Workshop
CRWR 320 Craft of Revision
CRWR 410 Advanced Fiction Workshop
CRWR 411 Advanced Poetry Workshop
CRWR 412 Advanced Nonfiction Workshop
FILM 300 History of Film
FILM 320 Shakespeare & Film
FILM 484 Film Directors
HSTR 317 Europe in Renaissance and Reform, 1348-1648
HSTR 411 Personalities in History
HSTR 455 An Introduction to Public History
HSTR 459 Artistic Traditions of Central and Southwest Asia
JRNL 251 Beginning Video Photography
JRNL 328 Intermediate Photo
JRNL 331 Intermediate Digital and Web Reporting
JRNL 340 Intermediate Audio
JRNL 350 Intermediate Video Photography
JRNL 427 Advanced Photo and Multimedia Storytelling
JRNL 428 Freelance Photography
JRNL 429 Documentary Photojournalism
JRNL 440 Advance Audio
LIT 363 Modern Poetry
LSH 326 Stories East and West
LSH 329 Fathers & Daughters in Western Literary Traditions
LSH 368 Shakespeare: Comedy & Tragedy
MAR 102 Digital Technology in the Arts
NASX 340 Native American Literature
NASX 360 Native Americans and Cinema
PHL 311 The Good, the Right and the Beautiful
PHL 427 Topics in Philosophy of Art
PHL 429 Philosophy in Literature
PHSX 330 Communicating Physics
PHSX 343 Modern Physics
RLST 205 Introduction to the New Testament
RLST 221 Judaism
RLST 225 Christianity
RLST 310 Topics in Biblical Studies
RLST 320 Ancient Judaism/Early Christianity
RLST 335 Western Religious Thought I
RLST 336 Western Religious Thought II
RLST 353 Topics in South Asian Religions
RLST 354 Topics in East Asian Religions
RLST 360 Classics of Buddhist Literature
RLST 366 Tibetan Civilization
RLST 367 Approaches to the Study of Zen Buddhism
RLST 368 Contemporary Buddhism in South and Southeast Asia
RLST 369 Contemplative Traditions of Asia
RLST 370 Mysticism
RLST 376 Contemporary Religious Thought