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Inequality, Justice and Injustice

What does Inequality, Justice and Injustice mean?

Justice is one of the fundamental tenets of philosophical traditions across cultures, and the perception of injustice –which can be provoked by economic, social, political, racial and religious inequality—is not only troubling on moral grounds but can contribute to social unrest and political instability. Students will address this theme from a global perspective, comparing western classical theories of justice and moral reasoning with non-western philosophical thought. They will then use those conceptual notions to analyze and evaluate distributive justice and human rights in “real life” situations, including issues such as race, economic development, food security, global health, and climate change. This theme can contribute to a host of majors and minors, including Political Science, History, Philosophy, Area Studies (e.g., Asian Studies, Latin American Studies, African American studies), Economics, Economic Development, Environmental and Climate Change studies, Education and Public Health.

General Education Courses

GLI Fellows should plan to take at least 3 General Education courses that relate to their Theme and Topic. For courses that address the issues of Inequality, Justice and Injustice, please consult the list below.

Course Number Course Name
ANTY 326E Indigenous Peoples and Global Development
BGEN 320E Business Ethics and Social Responsibility
BIOB 170N Principles of Biological Diversity
BIOB 171N Principles of Biological Diversity Laboratory
CCS 103X Introduction to Climate Change: Science and Society
ECNS 101S Economic Way of Thinking
ECNS 217X Economic Development
GEO 101N Introduction to Physical Geology
GEO 102N Introduction to Physical Geology Lab
GEO 105N Oceanography
GEO 106N History of Life
GEO 108N Climate Change
GEO 304E Science and Society
GPHY 121S Introduction to Human Geography
GPHY 141S Geography of World Regions
HSTR 374E War, Peace and Society
HSTR 472E Problems of Peace and National Security
LSH 151L Humanities: Bible, Greeks and Romans
LSH 152L Humanities: Medieval to Modern
LSH 160H Introduction to Asian Humanities
LSH 202X South Asia - Intro to India
LSH 327L Gender & Sexuality in English Fiction
LSH 494 Seminar in Humanities: Genres & Periods (upper-division writing)
M 105 Contemporary Math (Group II)
M 115 Probability and Linear Math (Group II)
NASX 354X Indians of Montana since the Reservation Era
NASX 475X Tribal Sovereignty
PHL 110E Introduction to Ethics
PHL 112E Introduction to Ethics and the Environment
PHL 114E Introduction to Political Ethics
PHL 210E Moral Philosophy
PHL 321E Philosophy and Biomedical Ethics
PSYX 360S Social Psychology
RLST 204H Introduction to the Hebrew Bible
RLST 232HX Buddhism
RLST 234X Hinduism
RLST 236X Chinese Religions
RLST 238X Japanese Religions
RLST 381E Comparative Ethics
SOCI 220S Race, Gender & Class
SOCI 275S Gender & Society
SOCI 441 Capstone: Inequality and Social Justice (upper-division writing)

Elective Courses

If Fellows are unable to find General Education courses that meet their needs, elective courses may also be used. For elective courses that address the issues of Inequality, Justice and Injustice, please consult the list below.

Course Number Course Name
ANTY 349 Social Change in Non-Western Societies
ECNS 450 Advanced Topics in Economic Development
GEO 151 Introduction to Fossil Fuels
GEO 211 Earth's History and Evolution
GEO 226 Rocks, Minerals and Resources
GEO 228 Earth Surface Processes
GEO 305 Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology
GEO 309 Sedimentation and Stratigraphy
GEO 311 Paleobiology
GEO 315 Structural Geology
GEO 320 Global Water
GEO 420 Hydrogeology
GEO 421 Hydrology
GEO 433 Global Tectonics
GEO 436 Subsurface Imaging in Archaeology
GEO 439 Applied Magnetics
GEO 443 Sedimentary Petrology
GEO 451 Petroleum Geology
GEO 460 Process Geomorphology
GEO 482 Global Change
GEO 488 Snow, Ice and Climate
GPHY 336 Exploration and Discovery
GPHY 421 Hydrology
GPHY 434 Food and Famine
GPHY 560 Seminar in Planning
HSTA 262 Abolitionism
HSTA 316 American Civil War Era
HSTA 321 America in Crisis, 1920 to 1952
HSTA 324 The U.S. in the 1960s
HSTA 344 Afro-American Struggle for Equality
HSTA 361 The American South: From Slavery to Civil Rights
HSTA 415 The Black Radical Tradition
HSTA 418 Women and Slavery
HSTA 419 Southern Women in Black and White
HSTA 420 America Divided, 1848-1865
HSTR 334 Latin American Workers and Labor History
HSTR 374 War, Peace and Society
HSTR 378 The Global Diplomacy of the Cold War
HSTR 382 Historical Background to Current Crises
HSTR 435 Latin America: Human Rights and the Politics of Memory
HSTR 470 Dynamics of Diplomacy
JRNL 300 First Amendment and Journalism Law
LSH 342 Topics in Comparative Literature and Religion
LSH 368 Shakespeare: Comedy & Tragedy
PHL 311 The Good, the Right and the Beautiful
PHL 412 Ethics and Public Affairs
PHL 422 Environmental Philosophy
PHL 449 History of Moral and Political Philosophy
PHL 450 Contemporary Moral and Political Theory
PSCI 227 Issues in Global Public Health
PSCI 343 Politics of Social Movements
PSCI 355 Theories of Civil Violence
PSCI 422 Revolution and Reform in China
PSCI 431 Politics of Global Migration
PSCI 474 Civil Rights Seminar
PSYX 107 Intergroup Dialogue
PSYX 362 Multicultural Psychology
RLST 205 Introduction to the New Testament
RLST 221 Judaism
RLST 225 Christianity
RLST 310 Topics in Bible Studies
RLST 320 Ancient Judaism/Early Christianity
RLST 335 Western Religious Thought I
RLST 336 Western Religious Thought II
RLST 353 Topics in South Asian Religions
RLST 345 Topics in East Asian Religions
RLST 366 Tibetan Civilization
RLST 368 Contemporary Buddhism in South and Southeast Asia
RLST 369 Contemplative Traditions of Asia
RLST 376 Contemporary Religious Thought
SOCI 325 Social Stratification
SOCI 362 Sociology of Law Enforcement
SOCI 435 Law and Society
SOCI 442 Service Learning in ISJ
SOCI 443 Sociology of Poverty
SOCI 444 Issues in Inequality
SOCI 485 Political Sociology