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Lands, Waters and Species

What does Lands, Waters and Species mean?

The natural world is delicately interconnected. Issues that affect land, water, ecological systems or individual species may have a cascading effect across a broad swath of the environment as well as economic and political ramifications. In a world where specialists are the norm, this theme focuses on an integrated world view using multidisciplinary approaches to evaluate, understand and work on solutions to these local and global problems. These problems range from global issues such as climate change and extinction to local issues such as protection of open space and clean water. This theme can contribute to a greater understanding for majors and minors such as Wilderness Management or Studies, Wildlife Biology, Ecology, Wildfire Sciences and Restoration, Business, Environmental Studies, Biology, Recreation Management, Physics, Resource Conservation, Law and Environmental Studies, Mountain Studies, Native American Studies, Geography, Geophysics, Ecosystem Management, Energy Technology, Fish and Wildlife Biology, Forestry and Climate Change Studies.

General Education Courses

GLI Fellows should plan to take at least 3 General Education courses that relate to their Theme and Topic. For courses that address the issues of Lands, Waters and Species, please consult the list below.

Course Number Course Name
ANTY 315H Archaeology of North America
ANTY 352X Archaeology of Montana
ANTY 465X Archaeology of the Southwest
BIOB 160N Principles of Living Systems
BIOB 170N Principles of Biological Diversity/Lab
BIOB 171N Principles of Biological Diversity Laboratory
BIOE 172N Introductory Ecology
BIOO 101N Survey of Montana Wildlife and Habitats
CCS 103X Introduction to Climate Change: Science and Society
GEO 101N Introduction to Physical Geology
GEO 102N Introduction to Physical Geology Lab
GEO 105N Oceanography
GEO 106N History of Life
GEO 108N Climate Change
GEO 304E Science and Society
GPHY 111N Introduction to Human Geography
GPHY 243X Africa
GPHY 335 Water Policy (upper-division writing)
GPHY 411N Biogeography
GPHY 433 Cultural Ecology (upper-division writing)
M 115 Probability and Linear Math (Group II)
NASX 303E Ecological Perspectives in Native American Traditions
PHL 112E Introduction to Ethics and the Environment
PHSX 205N College Physics I
PHSX 206N College Physics I Laboratory I
PHSX 215N Fundamentals of Physics with Calculus I
PHSX 216N Physics Laboratory I with Calculus
WILD 105N Wildlife and People

Elective Courses

If Fellows are unable to find General Education courses that meet their needs, elective courses may also be used. For elective courses that address the issues of Lands, Waters and Species, please consult the list below.

Course Number Course Name
ANTY 418 Ecology and Genetic Variation in Human Populations
ANTY 457 Archaeology of the Pacific Northwest
ANTY 458 Archaeology of Hunter-Gatherers
ANTY 459 Archaeology of Artic/Subarctic
ARTH 430 19th Century Art
ARTH 433 Art of the Ancient Americas
ARTH 464 African Art
BIOE 428 Freshwater Ecology
BIOL 407 Global Biogeochemical Cycles
BIOO 335 Rocky Mountain Flora
CHMY 442 Aquatic Chemistry
CHMY 541 Environmental Chemistry
CCS 291 The Science of Climate Change
ECNS 433 Economics of the Environment
ECNS 445 Intl. Environmental Econ and Climate
GEO 151 Introduction to Fossil Fuels
GEO 211 Earth's History and Evolution
GEO 226 Rocks, Minerals and Resources
GEO 228 Earth Surface Processes
GEO 305 Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology
GEO 309 Sedimentation and Stratigraphy
GEO 311 Paleobiology
GEO 315 Structural Geology
GEO 320 Global Water
GEO 420 Hydrogeology
GEO 421 Hydrology
GEO 433 Global Tectonics
GEO 436 Subsurface Imaging in Archaeology
GEO 439 Applied Magnetics
GEO 443 Sedimentary Petrology
GEO 451 Petroleum Geology
GEO 460 Process Geomorphology
GEO 482 Global Change
GEO 488 Snow, Ice and Climate
GPHY 338 Mountains and Society
GPHY 465 Planning Principles and Processes
GPHY 466 Environmental Planning
GPHY 535 Seminar in Water Resources
GPHY 560 Seminar in Planning
HSTR 364 Environmental History
M 414 Deterministic Models
PHL 422 Environmental Philosophy
PSCI 324 Sustainable Climate Policies
PSCI 332 Global Environmental Politics
PSCI 449 Environmental Health Policy
SOCI 424 Comm. Forestry & Conservation
SOCI 470 Environmental Sociology
WILD 275 Wildlife Conservation