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Story, Communication and Interaction

What does Story, Communication and Interaction mean?

We communicate within and across cultures in a variety of ways: from the short story to the sermon, from the PowerPoint presentation to the documentary, from the executive summary to the rock anthem. Effective communicators are increasingly required to be fluent in a wide range of communication modes, and to move between those modes according to purpose and audience. Students participating in this theme will study a diverse range of communication tools and traditions, becoming flexible and adept communicators. This theme could be at the center of any real world problem since the rhetoric of the message applies to problems ranging from alleviating poverty locally and globally to working for global justice. Work in this theme aligns with the following majors/minors: Anthropology, Cultural Studies, Communication Studies, Education, English Literature, Humanities, Theater, Music, Modern and Classical Languages, Journalism, International Business, African-American Studies, Classics, Political Science, and Native American Studies.

General Education Courses

GLI Fellows should plan to take at least 3 General Education courses that relate to their Theme and Topic. For courses that address the issues of Story, Communication and Interaction, please consult the list below.

Course Number Course Name
ANTY 220S Culture and Society
ARTH 250L Introduction to Art Criticism
BGEN 105S Introducation to Business
BMGT 101S Introducation to Entertainment Management
CHMY 302E Chemistry Literature and Scientific Writing
CRWR 115L Montana Writers Live
CSD 191SL Diversity in Communication
CSD 221N Fundamentals of Acoustics
FILM 180L Intro to Film
FILM 262L German Cinema
JRNL 100H Media History and Literacy
JRNL 102Y News Literacy
JRNL 105X Global Current Events
JRNL 140A Intro to Radio/Audio Storytelling
LIT 100L Intro to Lit
LIT 270L Film & Literature
LIT 314 American Novel (upper-division writing)
LIT 342 Montana Writers (upper-division writing)
LIT 369 Short Fiction (upper-division writing)
LSH 102HX Intro to South and Southeast Asia
LSH 151L Humanities: Bible, Greeks and Romans
LSH 152L Humanities: Medieval to Modern
LSH 160H Introduction to Asian Humanities
LSH 202X South Asia - Intro to India
LSH 327L Gender & Sexuality in English Fiction
LSH 494 Seminar in Humanities: Genres & Periods (upper-division writing)
M 105 Contemporary Math (Group II)
M 115 Probability and Linear Math (Group II)
MAR 101L Intro to Media Arts
MAR 111A Integrated Digital Art
MAR 112A Intro to Non-Linear Editing
MUSI 132L History of Rock and Roll
MUSI 207HX World Music
MUSI 417 Cultural Studies in Music: Music, Film and Meaning (upper-division writing)
NASX 235LX Oral & Written Traditions of Native Americans
RLST 204H Introduction to the Hebrew Bible
RLST 232HX Buddhism
RLST 234X Hinduism
RLST 236X Chinese Religions
RLST 238X Japanese Religions
RLST 381E Comparative Ethics
THTR 101L Introduction to Theatre
THTR 106A Theatre Production I: Running Crew
THTR 113A Introduction to Vocal Acting
THTR 120A Introduction to Acting
THTR 121A Introduction to Acting II
THTR 235L Dramatic Literature

Elective Courses

If Fellows are unable to find General Education courses that meet their needs, elective courses may also be used. For elective courses that address the issues of Story, Communication and Interaction, please consult the list below.

Course Number Course Name
ANTY 422 Mind, Culture and Society
ANTY 423 Culture and Identity
ARTH 350 Contemporary Art and Art Criticism
ARTH 430 19th Century Art
ARTH 436 History of Women in Art
ARTH 440 20th Century Art
ARTH 450 Renaissance Theory & Criticism
CRWR 491 Storytelling
CSD 330 Anatomy & Physiology of Speech & Hearing Mechanisms
FILM 327 Film Genres
FILM 381 Studies in the Film
GPHY 284 Principles of Digital Cartography
GPHY 488 Thematic Cartography
GPHY 489 Thematic Cartography Lab
GPHY 491 Digital Map Design
JRNL 251 Beginning Video Photography
JRNL 270 Reporting
JRNL 328 Intermediate Photo
JRNL 331 Intermediate Digital and Web Reporting
JRNL 340 Intermediate Audio
JRNL 350 Intermediate Video Photography
JRNL 352 Intermediate Video Reporting
JRNL 362 Feature Writing
JRNL 370 Public Affairs Reporting
JRNL 410 Native News Project
JRNL 411 Reporting Native News
JRNL 412 Montana Journalism Review
JRNL 414 Investigations
JRNL 427 Advanced Photo and Multimedia Storytelling
JRNL 428 Freelance Photography
JRNL 429 Documentary Photojournalism
JRNL 431 Online Journalism
JRNL 440 Advanced Audio
JRNL 472 Opinion Writing
JRNL 473 International Reporting
JRNL 480 Advanced Video Reporting
JRNL 482 Advanced Video Storytelling
JRNL 488 Student Documentary Unit
LSH 326 Stories East and West
LSH 329 Fathers & Daughters in Western Literary Traditions
LSH 342 Topics in Comparative Literature and Religion
LSH 368 Shakespeare: Comedy & Tragedy
MAR 102 Digital Technology in the Arts
PHL 311 The Good, the Right and the Beautiful
PHL 427 Topics in Philosophy of Art
PHL 429 Philosophy in Literature
PHSX 330 Communicating Physics
RLST 205 Introduction to the New Testament
RLST 221 Judaism
RLST 225 Christianity
RLST 310 Topics in Biblical Studies
RLST 320 Ancient Judaism/Early Christianity
RLST 335 Western Religious Thought I
RLST 336 Western Religious Thought II
RLST 353 Topics in South Asian Religions
RLST 354 Topics in East Asian Religions
RLST 360 Classics of Buddhist Literature
RLST 366 Tibetan Civilization
RLST 367 Approaches to the Study of Zen Buddhism
RLST 368 Contemporary Buddhism in South and Southeast Asia
RLST 369 Contemplative Traditions of Asia
RLST 370 Mysticism
RLST 376 Contemporary Religious Thought