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Systems, Algorithms and a Complex World

What does Systems, Algorithms and a Complex World mean?

In an increasingly complex and electronic world, scholars are studying multifaceted interrelationships and discovering that a deeper understanding of dynamic processes in which cause and effect relationships are not always visible helps one understand the world. Applying tools such as algorithms (procedures and formulae) and systems thinking leads to improved awareness of how systems evolve and behave. This awareness leads to new discoveries, improves the way problems are framed, and illustrates the multidisciplinary nature of our world. Real world issues such as designing resilience, sustainability, pollution, local food, and energy production could be attacked using concepts from this theme. Knowledge gained in this theme can contribute to a greater understanding for majors and minors in Accounting, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Climate Change Studies, Computer Science, Environmental Studies, Forestry, Geography, Management Information Systems, Mathematics, Parks, Tourism and Recreation Management, Philosophy, Physics, Resource Conservation, and Wildlife Biology.

General Education Courses

GLI Fellows should plan to take at least 3 General Education courses that relate to their Theme and Topic. For courses that address the issues of Systems, Algorithms and a Complex World, please consult the list below.

Course Number Course Name
ANTY 326E Indigenous Peoples and Global Development
ASTR 131N Elementary Astronomy I
ASTR 132N Elementary Astronomy II
ASTR 134N Elementary Astronomy Laboratory I
ASTR 135N Elementary Astronomy Laboratory II
ASTR 142N The Evolving Universe: Theories &
BFIN 205S Personal Finance
BIOB 160N Principles of Living Systems
BIOB 170N Principles of biological Diversity
BIOB 171N Principles of Biological Diversity Laboratory
CHMY 141N College Chemistry I
CHMY 143N College Chemistry II
CSCI 216E Technology, Ethics and Society
CCS 103X Introduction to Climate Change: Science and Society
ECNS 101S Economic Way of Thinking
ECNS 201S Principles of Microeconomics
ECNS 202S Principles of Macroeconomics
GEO 101N Introduction to Physical Geology
GEO 102N Introduction to Physical Geology Lab
GEO 105N Oceanography
GEO 106N History of Life
GEO 108N Climate Change
GEO 304E Science and Society
HSTR 374E War, Peace and Society
M 115 Probability and Linear Math (Group II)
M 151 Precalculus (Group II)
M 171 Calculus I (Group II)
PHL 112E Introduction to Ethics and the Environment
PHL 321E Philosophy and Biomedical Ethics
PHSX 207N College Physics II
PHSX 141N Einstein Relativity
PHSX 205N College Physics I
PHSX 206N College Physics I Laboratory I
PHSX 208N College Physics Laboratory II
PHSX 215N Fundamentals of Physics with Calculus
PHSX 216N Physics Laboratory I with Calculus
PHSX 217N Fundamentals of Physics with Calculus II
PHSX 218N Physics Laboratory II with Calculus
PSCI 230X Intro to International Relations

Elective Courses

If Fellows are unable to find General Education courses that meet their needs, elective courses may also be used. For elective courses that address the issues of Systems, Algorithms and a Complex World, please consult the list below.

Course Number Course Name
ANTY 349 Social Change in Non-Western Societies
ANTY 418 Ecology and Genetic Variation in Human Populations
ASTR 351 Planetary Science
ASTR 353 Galactic Astrophysics and Cosmology
ASTR 362 Observational Astronomy
ASTR 363 Stellar Astronomy and Astrophysics I
ASTR 365 Stellar Astronomy and Astrophysics II
BCH 110 The Biochemistry of Life
BCH 111 The Biochemistry of Life Lab
BCH 380 Biochemistry
BCH 480 Advanced Biochemistry I
BCH 482 Advanced Biochemistry II
CHMY 221 Organic Chemistry I
CHMY 222 Organic Chemistry I Lab
CHMY 223 Organic Chemistry II
CHMY 224 Organic Chemistry II Lab
CHMY 311 Analytical Chem-Quant Analysis
CHMY 360 Applied Physical Chemistry
CHMY 371 Physical Chemistry Qntm Chemistry & Spctrscpy
CHMY 373 Physical Chemistry Kntcs & Thrmdynmcs
CHMY 401 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
CHMY 403 Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry
CHMY 421 Advanced Instrumental Analysis
CHMY 442 Aquatic Chemistry
CHMY 445 Industrial Chemistry and its Impact on Society
CHMY 541 Environmental Chemistry
CSCI 105 Computer Fluency
CSCI 172 Introduction to Computer Modeling
CCS 291 The Science of Climate Change
ECNS 301 Intermediate Micro with Calculus
ECNS 302 Intermediate Macroeconomics
ECNS 313 Money and Banking
GEO 151 Introduction to Fossil Fuels
GEO 211 Earth's History and Evolution
GEO 226 Rocks, Minerals and Resources
GEO 228 Earth's Surface Processes
GEO 305 Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology
GEO 309 Sedimentation and Stratiagraphy
GEO 311 Paleobiology
GEO 315 Structural Geology
GEO 320 Global Water
GEO 420 Hydrogeology
GEO 421 Hydrology
GEO 433 Global Tectonics
GEO 436 Subsurface Imaging in Archaeology
GEO 439 Applied Magnetics
GEO 443 Sedimentary Petrology
GEO 451 Petroleum Geology
GEO 460 Process Geomorphology
GEO 482 Global Change
GEO 488 Snow, Ice and Climate
GPHY 487 Remote Sensing and Raster GIS
GPHY 489 Remote Sensing and Raster GIS Lab
GPHY 587 Digital Analysis and Modeling
GPHY 589 Digital Analysis and Modeling Lab
HSTR 378 The Global Diplomacy of the Cold War
HSTR 382 Historical Background to Current Crises
HSTR 384 Human Rights
HSTR 435 Latin America: Human Rights and the Politics of Memory
HSTR 470 Dynamics of Diplomacy
M 274 Intro to Differential Equations
M 414 Deterministic Models
PHL 233 Introduction to Logic: Deduction
PHL 235 Introduction to Logic: Induction
PHL 422 Environmental Philosophy
PHL 455 Philosophy of Society and Culture
PHSX 301 Introduction to Theoretical Physics
PHSX 311 Oscillations and Waves
PHSX 320 Classical Mechanics
PHSX 322 Electronics for Scientists
PHSX 327 Optics
PHSX 330 Communicating Physics
PHSX 333 Computational Physics
PHSX 343 Modern Physics
PHSX 423 Electricity & Magnetism I
PHSX 425 Electricity & Magnetism II
PHSX 444 Advanced Physics Laboratory
PHSX 446 Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics
PHSX 461 Quantum Mechanics I
PHSX 462 Quantum Mechanics II
PHSX 499 Senior Capstone Seminar
PSCI 334 International Security
PSCI 433 International Law and Organizations
RLST 300 Theory and Method in the Study of Religion
STAT 216 Intro to Statistics