The Franke GLI Program

The Student Experience


The challenges that our students will confront at graduation are increasingly global concerns, such as economic viability, population and environmental changes, effects of technological advances, ethical dilemmas, and the creation of wealth and resources. Our global society needs leaders and entrepreneurs to shape progress toward innovation, new technologies, and civic and cultural engagement. The University of Montana has developed a program to instill in its graduates more comprehensive understanding and broader perspectives to address such issues, as well as the leadership skills needed for the global century.

Each year, a broadly representative group of students is welcomed to participate as Fellows in UM’s Franke Global Leadership Initiative (GLI). The program enriches an already strong university experience composed of major and general education coursework. By providing students with interdisciplinary coursework, out-of-classroom experiences, advising, and support, the GLI fosters skills that enable students to critically examine global challenges and achieve genuine confidence in their knowledge and abilities.