Program Description

Today’s global society calls for college graduates who can lead, innovate and think entrepreneurially. Each year, a cohort of broadly representative students is selected as Franke Global Leadership Initiative (GLI) Fellows. These fellowships last four years and include a sequence of four main components.

COMPONENT 1: Global Challenges 

During their first year of study, Fellows enroll in small seminars focused on new and enduring Global Challenges taught by UM faculty recognized for their scholarly work and teaching excellence.  Fellows also enroll in a course that delves into the GLI’s five overarching global themes and engages students in discussions around innovative ideas within these themes. Faculty mentors and advisors help entering Fellows find an answer to the concern, “How do I design my college experience to deal with these kinds of critical and complex questions?”

COMPONENT 2: Models of Leadership

A Leadership Seminar provides a broad context of leadership, introducing students to a variety of approaches to leadership. Distinguished guests who embody each style of leadership will be invited to present during class periods and two skills-based workshops will allow Fellows to delve into the ways they can best lead. Weekend retreats, facilitated by Verve Exchange, encourage Fellows to become self-aware and increase their ability to work effectively with others. 

COMPONENT 3:  Beyond the Classroom

All Franke Fellows participate in activities that broaden their understanding of and applied interaction with global challenges. These opportunities include study abroad, international and domestic internships, service-learning experiences, or research/creative scholarship. The University provides each GLI student with the opportunity to apply for funding to cover travel and research expenses. Fellows are able to take advantage of University partnerships already in place through the Global Engagement Office and other appropriate academic departments.

COMPONENT 4:  The Capstone

The students enrolled in the Franke GLI demonstrate mastery through interdisciplinary capstone projects designed by the students. In small, faculty-supported teams, Franke Fellows address crucial issues affecting the world and its communities, such as economic development and expansions, cultural and historical clashes, population and environmental changes, and the development of democratic societies. They collaborate across disciplines to pose specific questions and propose solutions. At the culmination of the Franke Global Leadership Initiative, successful participants are awarded a Certificate in Global Leadership.