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In addition to out-of-the-classroom learning experiences and unique leadership training, the GLI prides itself in the community it provides to GLI Fellows. Genuine relationships between students are essential to the ultimate capstone project process, as students work together in close-knit teams to solve global issues much larger than themselves. The GLI community seeks to provide lifelong friendships through social and residential activities that will serve Fellows past their college years.

GLI Student Group

The GLI student group meets weekly to provide regular social and extracurricular programming for all GLI students. Some activities the group provides are:

Coffee Hours: GLI students regularly gather in The President's Room in Brantly Hall to talk about anything from capstone projects to cat videos, while enjoying free coffee provided by the GLI student group.

Ted Talk Nights: Thursday nights are TED Talk nights! GLI students watch inspiring TED Talks on a variety of Global Themes and Topics in the Miller Hall TV lounge, just below the GLI Living Learning Community. Snacks are always served!

Service Days: The student group works with GLI and the Office for Civic Engagement staff to promote Service Saturdays or plan GLI specific service events. Participating in service allows GLI students to feel more connected to their peers while contributing to the outside community.

Game Nights: The student group hosts an annual game night, accompanied with snacks and ice cream, where students win prizes as they face off in Trivial Pursuit, Settlers of Catan, Apples to Apples, poker, and whatever else is on the table.

Bonfires: A new addition to student group programming, bonfires take place when the weather gets warmer, at the pit outside of the Native American Center. Marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers provided.

Facebook: In addition to the GLI Facebook page, the GLI student group also maintains a closed Facebook group that allows students to connect virtually.

The GLI student group is open to all students in the Global Leadership Initiative. Meeting times and days are announced at the beginning of each semester. Any GLI Fellow has the opportunity to run for an officer position. Officers are elected by their peers.


President - Katie Marshall

Katie Marshall - GLI Student Group President

Social Events Coordinator - Leann Skach

Leann Skach - Programming and Events Coordinator

Secretary - Mary O'Malley

Mary O'Malley - GLI Student Group Student Secreatary

Student Representative - Spencer Ruchti

Spencer Ruchti - GLI Student Group Student Representative

Living Learning Community

The GLI Living Learning Community is based in Miller Hall and is open to 80 GLI Freshmen each year. Living in this community enriches the experience of the GLI by giving students the opportunity to think globally, but connect locally with other GLI Fellows. Visit the GLI Living Learning Community page for more information on Miller Hall and the unique opportunities provided by this community.