Current Students

Freshmen - Global Questions

Everything one needs to know about the Global Questions component of the GLI fellowship can be found on this page. Information can be found on the freshman seminars, the Presidential and other lectures that meet requirements of this component, the Global Themes and the social events with other GLI Fellows.

Sophomores - Models of Leadership

The Models of Leadership component begins in sophomore year. Here, Fellows learn about the upcoming retreats and leadership opportunities that fulfill this component’s requirements, as well as the social events with other GLI Fellows.

Juniors - Beyond the Classroom

In the Beyond the Classroom component during junior year, Fellows have the opportunity to gain real-world experience that directly relates to their chosen GLI Global Theme. Students will be inspired by all the possibilities, can learn just exactly what qualifies as a Beyond the Classroom experience and, of course, can find out about new opportunities to connect with the GLI community.

Seniors - The Capstone

Senior year is when the experiences through GLI come together in the capstone project. GLI seniors work in small, interdisciplinary groups to apply the knowledge they’ve learned throughout the course of the past four years. Guided by faculty mentors, Fellows will propose solutions to some of the tough questions and perplexing situations they’ve encountered along their path to graduation.


The Advising Directory is a list of GLI advisors by major. Check here to find advisors' contact information. Fellows who are in the Honors College, are a student athlete or have other special circumstances, can check under those categories as well. Advising worksheets organized by cohort provide guidance through the program requirements.


While the GLI provides incredible learning opportunities both in and out of the classroom, many Fellows also find that being part of the GLI builds a sense of community and connectedness on campus. Students create strong bonds to one another while working through all of the pieces to the GLI program, but also through the voluntary social and service events that are provided.