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The Capstone

Capstone Projects

Leadership and teamwork throughout the last four years are brought to fruition during the Capstone component of the Global Leadership Initiative. This final phase takes place during senior year when Fellows have the opportunity to demonstrate mastery through interdisciplinary, culminating capstone projects. In small, faculty-supported groups, Fellows address crucial issues affecting the world community and propose new ideas and new solutions. 

Do you ever wonder where good ideas come from?

Each GLI Fellow chooses a Global Theme and Topic to focus on throughout the program, but how do those topics turn into capstone projects? Good ideas, as shown in the video above, are not created in a vacuum, but are an accumulation or a collision of idea fragments. Starting in the spring semester of sophomore year, GLI Fellows participate in Capstone Forums and Capstone Events based on their chosen themes. The forums are a place for ideas to collect and transform as well as a way for Fellows to identify others who share their passions and are willing to work toward a shared goal. Fellows collaborate with a self-selected group of peers to determine a capstone project. Fellows also have access to a whole world of information, with hundreds of initiatives focused on proposing solutions to some of our most daunting societal, economic, environmental and technological issues.

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