Year Two

Models of Leadership

Leadership Seminar

GLI sophomores mock up a capstone project

Franke Fellows enroll in a 2-credit leadership seminar in the fall semester of their second year. This course introduces students to leadership models and approaches and provides them with an opportunity to strengthen relationships with peers in the program. Faculty and invited guests will present different leadership styles and discuss the importance of context when putting leadership skills into practice. This experience allows students to better navigate approaches to leadership and to determine what leadership characteristics work best for them to be successful leaders in their everyday lives.

Leadership Retreats

GLI students circle up at the sophomore retreat

Franke GLI Fellows in the Models of Leadership component are expected to attend one full-day Leadership Retreat, facilitated by Verve Exchange, in the spring semester of their second year. Leadership Retreats offer an immersion experience that allows students to build and practice leadership skills.

Discussions with Leaders

GLI students load a truck with beets while performing community service

Beginning in sophomore year, Fellows will periodically be given the opportunity to meet with identified leaders. These experiences are designed to give Fellows the chance to develop as leaders while also finding role models and potential connections for the future.