Future Students

Students in a classroom standing behind a GLI banner

The Global Leadership Initiative is designed to give students unique an exciting experience in school and prepare them for an increasingly interconnected and complex world. Today's employers expect recent graduates to come to the table with a broader set of skills and higher levels of learning than they did in the past. They believe that their employees will be faced with more challenges and greater levels of complexity in the work place as well as the need to work collaboratively in cross-departmental situations.

These same employers believe that students would perform better on the job if they were expected to complete a significant project before graduation that demonstrates depth of knowledge, as well as analytical, problem solving and communication skills and if students participate in activities that connect classroom learning with real-world experiences.*

If employer expectations don't motivate you to get involved, visit our Meet the Fellows page to hear from our current students or read some of the reasons on our Why Join? page.

*AACU. "Raising the Bar: Employers' Views on College Learning in the Wake of the Economic Downturn." Survey. AACU website. (January, 2010)