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Future Students

Students in a classroom standing behind a GLI banner

Prospective students should take the time to look over what the program entails, how to join and the eligibility criteria, but first read below for the many ways the GLI can benefit you as a college student and for many years after graduation.

While completing four years in the GLI program, students can expect:

  • An opportunity as a freshman to connect with other GLI students and faculty in a small discussion-based class
  • A strong community of peers interested in pursuing their passions and learning about yours
  • The chance to network with leaders in various fields
  • A funded U.S. passport for all who qualify
  • Funding to go abroad or conduct research, an internship or service
  • Participation in hands-on experiences that will prepare you for life after college
  • Collaboration with other students on a project  guided by a faculty mentor

After your completion of the GLI program, you can expect:

  • A tangible project on your resume, setting you apart in the eyes of employers
  • A multidisciplinary perspective on society’s most pressing issues
  • The ability to think critically and to collaborate with peers across disciplines
  • A network of leaders and the skills to become a leader
  • Real-world experiences that will give you the confidence to meet any challenge head on

To learn more about the exciting opportunities that exist within GLI, visit our homepage, our Facebook page and our blog.