Frequently Asked Questions

Any undergraduate student at the University of Montana who intends to pursue a four-year course of study and places in WRIT 101 or higher is eligible for acceptance in the program. From those wishing to be considered, please see the How to Apply page for more information.

Undergraduate students who still have four years to complete at the University of Montana may join the program. Any interested student, other than incoming freshmen, must show a graduation plan before being accepted into the program. 

The Franke GLI program is open to undergraduate students in all majors, provided the student plans to be a student at UM for four years from the time of joining the program. It is not open to pre-nursing or pre-engineering majors since these students transfer to complete their program.

Undergraduate students are admitted to the program on a first come, first served basis. See the How to Apply page for more information on the eligibility criteria and application process.

In addition to taking part in small seminars with distinguished professors, engaging in small discussions in the Living Learning Community, receiving focused advising, and meeting with distinguished alumni, each Franke GLI Fellow has the opportunity to apply for funding to help cover travel and other expenses related to out-of-classroom experiences. Upon completion, successful Fellows receive a Certificate in Global Leadership.

There is no additional cost to the student for participating in the program. The Franke GLI program is made possible through a series of private donations. All costs associated with Franke GLI events are covered by the program thanks to these generous donations. Students preparing for their Beyond the Classroom activities in their third year also have the opportunity to apply for funding that will help cover the costs they may incur while participating in these activities.

Yes. The Franke GLI is designed in a way that will not interfere with your major or general education requirements.

To complete the certificate, students will need to complete 12 credits of Franke Global Leadership coursework. It requires 4 credits in year one, 2 credits in year two and 3 credits in year four that are specific to Franke GLI. The credits for year three are not Franke GLI specific, but do need to meet the criteria for a “Beyond the Classroom” experience. Beyond the credit-bearing experiences, the Franke GLI requires advising meetings, a retreat and a few extra activities.

All degree-seeking UM students are required to fulfill the University General Education Requirements to graduate. Franke GLI encourages Fellows to choose General Education courses that complement or focus on their Global Theme and Challenge. General Education courses can be taken at any time during a student's 4-year degree program.

These are often long-standing and critical questions that humankind must confront and can be approached in an interdisciplinary way. Examples include:

  • Is conflict a given?
  • How can we ensure access to food, shelter, and other human needs?
  • How will technology change our world?
  • Obesity: The next pandemic?
  • What role does religion play in the world community?

Franke GLI Fellows who are also DHC students can choose to use a single research project to meet the requirements of both programs. DHC students must refer to the “Senior Research Checklist for students in the GLI and DHC” to understand the DHC’s additional expectations.

The summers before and after the third year are great options for students. Franke GLI Fellows who wish to complete their Beyond the Classroom experience during their second or fourth year will need to meet with a Franke GLI staff member to discuss their 4-year academic plan.

The Franke GLI program is unique to The University of Montana, but many other institutions have programs that are similar to the Franke GLI in some ways. Some examples include, Chico State University, Duke University, Virginia Tech, Carleton College, and Wagner College.

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