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Who is eligible for the GLI?

Any full-time first year student at the UM mountain campus who has earned no more than 30 credit hours, is enrolled in a four-year degree program, and is in good academic standing can choose to be considered for the program. From those wishing to be considered, a group of approximately 200 students will be chosen to participate beginning in Fall 2014.

Can sophomores join the program?

With the GLI being a four-year program, only freshmen can join at this time. The program is new and it is possible that as it grows there may be opportunities for non-freshmen to join.

Is the GLI only available to certain majors?

The GLI program is open to freshmen in all majors in 4-year degree programs on the mountain campus. It is not open to pre-nursing or pre-engineering majors since these students transfer to complete their program.

How are students chosen to be part of this program?

Students are given an opportunity to indicate interest in GLI through the Academic Interest Questionnaire, which can be found on the "My Academics" portal once they have registered for orientation. Students who indicate interest, and are full-time students enrolled in a 4-year degree program on the mountain campus have an equal chance of being included. Students enrolled in developmental courses are considered on a case-by-case basis.

What are the benefits of being a part of the GLI?

In addition to taking part in small seminars with distinguished professors, engaging small lectures in the Living Learning Community, attending Presidential Lectures, receiving focused advising, and meeting with distinguished alumni, each GLI Fellow who is also a U.S. citizen can apply for a free U.S. Passport and has the opportunity to apply for funding to help cover travel and research expenses. At graduation, successful Fellows receive a Certificate of Completion and a notation on their transcript.

Is there a cost for taking part in GLI?

There is no additional cost to the student for participating in the program. The GLI program is made possible through a series of private donations. All costs associated with GLI events are covered by the program thanks to these generous donations. Students preparing for their Beyond the Classroom activities junior year also have the opportunity to apply for funding that will help cover the costs they may incur while participating in these activities.

Can I complete my major in four years and be a GLI student?

Yes. The GLI is designed to provide you with a pathway through the general education requirements in a timely manner.

Will being a GLI Fellow require a lot of extra work?

The program makes effective use of required general education courses, incorporates existing global learning opportunities, and culminates in a capstone project focused on crucial issues affecting the world community. Students are required to enroll in a 1-credit course in the fall and spring semesters of senior year. Any extra work is minimal and designed to enhance what you get out of your four-year degree.

Are General Education courses recommended or required as part of the GLI program?

All UM students are required to fulfill the University General Education Requirements to graduate (see for details). The GLI freshman seminars typically have General Education designations and therefore can help students fulfill at least one of the General Education requirements. Each Fellow must take one of these seminars during the fall semester freshman year. GLI Fellows do not need to take more General Education courses than any other UM student. The goal of the GLI program is for the GLI Fellows to choose General Education courses that complement or focus on their global theme and topic. General Education courses can be taken at any time during a student's 4-year degree program, although we recommend taking them early as most are 100- and 200-level courses.

What do the required seminar courses entail?

The freshman seminars are 3-credit courses with a maximum enrollment of 25 students in each course. GLI does not mandate specific requirements for these courses, but instead chooses professors who are willing to tackle tough questions and complex subject matter in a thought-provoking and engaging way. Students can contact the professors teaching the courses to inquire about the requirements for any given course.

What is a global or big & enduring question?

These are often long-standing and critical questions that humankind must confront and can be approached in an interdisciplinary way. Examples include:

  • Is conflict a given?
  • How can we ensure access to food, shelter, and other human needs?
  • How will technology change our world?
  • Obesity: The next pandemic?
  • What role does religion play in the world community?

Can GLI Fellows who are also Honors students combine the GLI capstone project and the Honors College senior project?

GLI Fellows who are also Honors students can choose to focus on the same subject matter for both their GLI capstone project and their Honors College senior project. With help from their advisors, students should plan how their individual senior project can overlap or contribute to the GLI group capstone project.  

Can we get funding for a U.S. Passport before our sophomore year?

GLI Fellows who have an academic reason to obtain a passport before their sophomore year can submit a request to the GLI program for consideration.

Does the Beyond the Classroom activity need to happen during junior year?

The summers before and after junior year are great options for students. GLI Fellows who wish to study abroad during their sophomore or senior year will need to meet with Jeanne Loftus to discuss their 4-year academic plan.

Do other schools have a similar program?

The GLI program is unique to The University of Montana, but many other institutions have programs that are similar to the GLI in some ways. Some examples include, Chico State University, Duke University, Virginia Tech, Carleton College, and Wagner College.

Where can I find out more about the GLI?

You can contact the following people for more information: