Global LLC

Living Learning Community

BBQ outside Miller Hall

The Living Learning Community enriches the experience of the Franke Global Leadership Initiative by giving its students the opportunity to surround themselves with globally-oriented peers. This LLC encourages students to think globally and act locally by connecting them to different backgrounds, countries, and viewpoints. Involving the international students, the perspectives gained from having like-minded students nearby are immensely important.

Programming, Events, and Opportunities

  • Global culture nights. Curated international films paired with meals or snacks from the film’s country of origin.
  • Social gatherings with visiting international students. Access to cultural activities with Asian students visiting UM for short-term leadership programs.  Join rafting trips, cultural nights, and more.
  • Special scholarships. Funds of up to $500 to help support your overseas work or study. These scholarships may be awarded during your first year as a Global LLC resident, but used later in your UM career.
  • Read about the experiences of former LLC residents here!


  • Miller Hall 3rd Floor
  • Male wing and Female wing
  • Double rooms and pods
  • Study lounge on your floor
  • Large sunny communal area on first floor
  • Classroom in the lower level
  • Located on Arthur Avenue
  • Learn more about Miller Hall

How to Apply for the Global LLC