Peregrine Frissell. Journalism Major. Theme: Culture and Politics.

Journalist. ASUM Senator. Leader. All-Star.
Meet Peregrine Frissell.

Throughout his years in GLI, Peregrine has been a Student Group Officer, a Resident Assistant, a voice for sustainable practices at UM. This year, Peregrine will be studying journalism in Bangkok, Thailand for his Beyond the Classroom Experience, all thanks to hard work and GLI funding. Peregrine’s journey started on the third floor of Miller Hall, the GLI Living Learning Community. "During my freshman year, GLI pushed me to go out and attend lectures, and it kept me from falling into the routine of hanging out with the same two people every night," Peregrine says. "GLI was a mindset; it made me more willing to learn things about the world and more willing to do those things that I wouldn’t have felt like doing otherwise. They’re really just an excellent resource at the university." 

During his freshman year, Peregrine took the GLI seminar How Literature Engages the Brain. Outside of the innovative material that the class had to offer, it taught him the benefits of treating professors and relationships with respect, and pulled him into the mindset necessary to create new ideas and new solutions to old problems.

"If you put yourself out there and expose your thoughts and efforts then--at this university--faculty are willing to put work back into that relationship. That leads to such an exceptional educational experience," Peregrine says. 

How literature engages the brain. Course seminar by Ashby Kinch and Chris Comer. An introduction to neuroscience, literature, and how they affect the human imagination.

Peregrine Frissell at the Clinton Global Initiative University

His path into leadership within and outside of GLI gave him opportunities like attending the Clinton Global Initiative University (CGIU), where he met leaders from all around the world. "GLI was really instrumental in getting funding for the plane ticket over and for the hotel while I was at CGIU. I couldn't have done it without GLI," says Peregrine. At the CGIU, students had to come up with ideas that would improve the world, similar to the Capstone Project that GLI students must create in their senior year.

Peregrine's favorite quote: