GLI Living Learning Community an excellent option for on-campus residents

GLI Resident Assistant Peregrine Frissell

Peregrine Frissell, GLI Sophomore and Journalism major from Polson, MT, serves as the male RA for the third floor in Miller Hall, the designated GLI Living Learning Community (LLC). In the LLC, students in the program can interact outside of the classroom, enrich social experiences within the program, share a floor with other students taking the same GLI seminar class, and always have a friend to attend GLI events with.  As both an RA and a GLI student himself, Peregrine welcomes new residents onto campus and gives them their first social experiences with the program.

“There are always people out on the third floor.” Peregrine says. “As being an RA goes, I’m pretty spoiled.”

After serving as the Student Representative and living as a resident on the GLI floor his freshman year, Peregrine decided he wanted to apply to be an RA and take charge of the LLC. In his first year, he’s already breaking the status quo.

“We’re required to put on 6 programs a semester for our residents. Usually people put on ice cream parties. I usually try and encourage them go to lectures as well.”

The students of the third floor swap perspectives on “global” issues, and talk to Peregrine about everything from world hunger to the ivory trade black market. People even debate on the bathroom walls. “I hang up newspaper clippings in the bathrooms. Students will write their arguments on economics, justice, or other global issues. Someone once drew a supply/demand curve.”

GLI residents are involved in other activities as well, including lacrosse, hockey, music, Marching Band, and Greek Life. But their diversity only adds to their genuine college experience.

Last summer, Peregrine went to England on a Fulbright Scholarship, where he studied journalism and broadcasting. “I made friendships and contacts that I hope will last a lifetime,” he says, “and developed travel skills that will help me affect real change in the world later on in life.”

Peregrine’s GLI theme focuses on sustainability and complements his interest in environmental journalism, asking the question: “How does the way media treats climate change affect public perception?”  During his time as a student in the program, and as part of the student group leadership, he has developed the GLI Book Club, game nights, coffee socials (where students can get together and talk freely about ideas for their capstone projects, pressing global issues, or whatever comes to mind), and other events that foster the GLI community.