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Important Announcement about International Travel!

Based on the continuing US Department of State’s Global Level 4 Health Advisory - Do Not Travel - for all U.S. citizens due to the global impact of COVID-19, the University of Montana has suspended all UM-sponsored international travel for students, faculty, and staff, for the remainder of the summer 2020 semester and through the end of the Fall 2020 semester.  Faculty and staff may apply for an exception by following the process outlined below.

NOTE:  Native students, faculty & staff who have reserves on both sides of the US/Canadian border (individuals covered under Jay's Treaty) are exempt from the international travel suspension for travel to Canada. 

International Travel Exceptions for Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff contemplating international travel in relation to their university employment may apply for an exception to the current international travel restrictions if they believe their travel is essential and time-sensitive. Student travel will rarely be eligible for an exception. Exception requests will be reviewed by the Provost on a case-by-case basis. In order to request an exception, faculty and staff must take the following steps:

1.       Prepare request, consisting of a brief statement addressing

    1. why travel abroad is essential at this time,
    2. why work can only be completed by the requestor’s physical presence abroad,
    3. why the travel cannot be postponed, and
    4. why the travel must commence while the current travel restriction is in place.

Required: requests must state in writing that travel is not against the advice of the requestor’s doctor.

2.       Email request to dean (if requestor works within an academic unit) or vice president (if requestor does not work within an academic unit)

3.       The dean / vice president may ask the requestor to provide additional materials in support of their travel plans for review.

4.       If they support the travel exception request, the dean / vice president will submit the request to the Office of the Provost and include the request. (The Office of the Provost will communicate instructions to deans / vice presidents on how to do this.)

5.       If they do not support the travel exception request, the dean / vice president will respond to the requestor by email to inform them that they do not support it and will not submit it to the Provost.

6.       The Office of the Provost will prepare requests received from deans / vice presidents for the Provost’s review. If research or creative scholarship are part of the reason for the exception request, or if external funding is involved, the Office of the Provost will share the request with the Vice President for Research and Creative Scholarship and obtain VPRCS support prior to the Provost’s review.

7.       If the Provost approves a request, the Office of the Provost will send the requestor notification that their exception has been approved via email, with cc to the Vice President for Research and Creative Scholarship (if applicable,) requestor’s dean / vice president, and GEO. This email will ensure all involved are informed that the exception has been approved. The email will direct the requestor to complete the Risk Acknowledgment form, provide instructions on how to submit it, and ask travelers to register with UM’s International Travel Registry prior to traveling.

8.       If the Provost does not approve a request, the Office of the Provost will send the requestor notification that their exception request has not been granted via email, with cc to the VPRCS (if applicable,) the requestor’s dean / vice president, and GEO.

Please direct questions about exceptions to Marja Unkuri-Chaudhry in GEO or Claudine Cellier in the Office of the Provost.

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UM International Travel Registry

The University of Montana provides a secure system for faculty, staff, and students to record travel plans and contact information. The registry is a convenient, one-stop service that supports emergency communication access and helps ensure that travelers have adequate medical, emergency evacuation, and repatriation insurance coverage.

Who is required to register travel?

  • All UM faculty, staff, and students traveling abroad for university-related purposes. (See UM International Travel Policy).
  • Travel should be registered 30 days prior to departure. Travelers can update their registration by logging in to their existing registration from the Terra Dotta login link above.
  • If international travel will be paid via a sponsored project (grant, contract, cooperative agreement, etc.), airline purchases must comply with the  Fly America Act (49 U.S.C. 40118) and use certified US air carriers via the Open Skies Agreements, or prepare and maintain departmental documentation explaining why the regulation was not followed. See more information regarding travel on sponsored projects.

What are the benefits of the Travel Registry?

  • Emergency Communication: Your travel registration enables UM to reach you in the event of an emergency. The travel registry is the University’s official means for sharing urgent health, safety, and security-related information.

What do I need to know before I start my travel registration? 

Travelers should upload the biographical page of their passport and a copy of their insurance card as part of travel registration. 

Note: Individuals enrolled in the HTH Worldwide Insurance Services policy through UM do not need to upload their insurance card.

Login Instructions:

  • Faculty/staff at UM-Missoula, Helena College, Montana Tech, and Western use their NetID and password to log inSelect "I have a username and password" and submit.
  • Students at UM-Missoula use their NetID and password to log in.
  • Students at Helena College, Montana Tech, and Western will need to create login credentials and will select "I do not have login credentials" and submit. An e-mail will be sent with temporary credentials. They will need to login within 7 days of receiving their temporary credentials by clicking NON-UM LOGIN/REGISTER.

NOTE: If you have registered your travel before, your previous address abroad will appear, so simply just edit it.

Additional questions:

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