Professional Language and Culture Programs

KNUE group at the farmer's market in downtown Missoula

ELI offers special short-term programs to groups of international students and educators. ELI specializes in designing programs to fit specific curricular and scheduling needs. A short-term ELI program at the University of Montana (UM) typically has the following traits:  designed for the needs of the group, two to eight weeks in duration, up to twenty hours of class per week, a minimum of ten participants, extracurricular activities and trips, opportunities to integrate into the local community.

Examples of Special Programs

De Lin Institute of Technology

De Lin University, Taiwan: This program allows students to work and play in the friendly and beautiful environment of Montana. It fosters cultural understanding through in-class activities with a diverse student population, and through authentic experiences in volunteer organizations. The program is also designed for those seeking to improve their skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening. The four skills are combined in lessons so that students develop a balanced proficiency in communication.

Austral University English/Nursing program

Austral University, Chile: This program was designed for nursing professionals who wanted to expand their knowledge of American nursing practices while improving their English. Participants spent four weeks studying English at ELI and two weeks observing at UM’s College of Technology Nursing Program. Participants also had the opportunity to work with nurses in local hospitals and clinics.

Korea National University of Education (KNUE) Teacher Training Program

One of the longest running programs at ELI, KNUE has been sending Korean elementary English teachers to ELI for over 10 years. Participants in this program have the opportunity of working with professional teacher trainers who teach classroom methodology, pedagogy, and English. During the winter program, participants are hosted in Missoula County Public School classrooms where they have the opportunity to observe American teachers and teach in an American classroom. Participants also have the opportunity to experience Yellowstone or Glacier National Park along with other exciting Montana activities.

ELI welcomes program requests or proposals. For more information, or to start planning your special program, please contact ELI.